Friday, November 17, 2006

From Susan Crandall



Being a movie hound, I’ll go see just about anything.  That said, we just got home from the new James Bond film.  No laughing, ladies.  I have to say, there was at least equal exposure of man-flesh and woman-flesh in this one.  And I’m all about blue eyes.  ‘Nuf said ‘bout that.


Aside from all of the action for action’s sake, it was enjoyable.  I had to laugh at the teenage boys behind us.  They made the same noises of yearning and approval for fast cars and scantily clad women.  I have to admit, the cars were pretty cool.  But the real things that stuck with me were the settings.  Now I’m a homebody at heart.  Hate to fly.  Would rather spend the weekend in my back yard than anywhere else.  Vacations are a pain in the patootie.  But man, some of those locations really piqued my normally dormant wanderlust.  Seriously.  I adore history, so the shots of Venice made me face east with itchy feet.  And Montenegro!  Whoa.  Of course, being a Bond film, it was all luxury, so I’d need a really big bag on money to experience these locations properly. 


Maybe I could get a part in the next 007 movie – they’d have to take me to shoot on location, right?  Let’s see … I’m too old (and too not-sexy) for the sexy love interest.  Perhaps they could cast me as the reclusive but manipulative villain novelist planning to take over the world via some book with hidden code for mind control (humm, that plot sounds vaguely familiar).


Alas, I don’t have a single acting bone in my body … don’t even like to have my picture taken.  So I’m afraid I’m going to be on my own if I ever get to Venice or Montenegro.  Perhaps I should be more exotic in the locals of my books; I could at least write off some of the trip as research.  But then there’s still that hideous flight … across all of those miles of empty ocean.


If only someone would drug me in my bed and I could awaken in a villa on the Adriatic Sea



On Blue Falls Pond, available now

A Kiss in Winter, January 2007


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