Thursday, November 16, 2006


‘Tis the middle of November. Cloudy. Chilly. Depressing!

I know the worst is yet to come. My down coat is still in the back of the closet, yet to be worn this season, but I’m already complaining about the weather.

One of the nice things about working at home is that if the weather is really, really crummy – below zero, or snowing so hard the plows can’t keep the roads clear – I don’t have to try to start the car and go someplace to earn my paycheck. My home office is handy, and I can wear slippers instead of boots, and don’t risk life and limb to get to work. One of the worst things about working at home is that sometimes one can feel trapped inside the house, no matter how nice the house or lovely the office.

I knew I needed to take action this year to block the doldrums that can sap your energy and creativity. Oh, sure, I could go to the mall or a coffee shop a couple of times a week, but that could get a bit expensive. So, what to do to force me out of the house a couple of times a week, maybe even have some interaction with other people instead of talking to myself (a sure sign the sanity is slipping!)?

I joined the local fitness center.

Figure it this way – I can choose which three days a week to go (and thus avoid snowstorms); the people there are really nice; the exercise is good for me (and taking off a few … um, okay, more than a few … pounds would be a bonus!).

It’s been two months now, and I’m finding I truly like going to the center, and for more reasons than the ones already mentioned. The other day, as I was plodding along on the treadmill, trying not to look at how much time was still left on the digital display, from somewhere out of my subconscious came the answer to why the scene I’d been agonizing over that morning wasn’t working. When I got home, I rewrote about two pages and the rest of the scene flowed on from there.

Glory be! How cool!

So now I’ve found what I hope is going to get me through the winter season. My question is, what do you do to keep from feeling stuck in your office, to preserve your sanity? Shopping? Go out for lunch? Move to Florida? J

Shari Anton




Rika said...

I read. When I need to escape the best place to do it is in a book.

It doesn't matter if I am in the same room. I can get lost in a book for the whole day.

So you see... Authors are actually the preservation of sanity. LOL..

Happy reading,

Lori Wilde said...


I find volunteering is uplifting. I started doing it for research purposes and got such a great kick from it, I've started doing more. Now I'm volunteering for literacy, the local women's shelter, mentoring troubled teens and on the committee to put on a book festival for my local college. In just over nine months I've built quite a reputation in town. And even though it wasn't my main intention, it's helping my book sales.

So pick a cause you enjoy and volunteer!

Anonymous said...

Taking my dog for a walk is a good way to do that :)

Shari Anton said...

All good ideas! And I've tried every one of them.

Rika -- I love to read, but when writing, I have to put limits on reading time.

Lori -- I was once a volunteer, until I had to learn to say No, which was darn hard at times because I'd said Yes too many times.

Bonnie -- We lost our dog about three years ago. But, hmmm, maybe it's time to take the plunge again!