Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cookies and Candy and Holiday Treats by Diane Perkins

I was looking on Kathryn Caskie's website, because I remembered she had this easy recipe for a Christmas treat - Quick Peppermint Bark. I read the recipe--I often read recipes--and then I didn't think of it again until I went grocery shopping.

So Kathy's recipe called for candy canes -- I bought candy canes. It called for white chocolate but all I remembered was chocolate, so I bought semi-sweet chocolate. I forgot that the recipe called for peppermint oil, but when I got home, my daughter reminded me I had peppermint essential oil in my aromatherapy kit, so I used that. Kathy's recipe said to break the candy canes into quarter inch pieces- I pulverized mine! Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly.... Kathy's (in the photo) looked a lot prettier than mine. I'd show you mine, but we ate it all. Tasted terrific!!

I am so NOT A COOK, but I did get that hankering for Christmas baking, so my daughter and I decided to make the sugar cookie recipe that my mother used to make--from my old Betty Crocker cookbook. This time I remembered all the right ingredients.
Here they are:

So, what is your favorite Holiday food? Your favorite holiday cookie? I have to admit, my favorite are the sugar cookies!

May your holiday be filled with family, friends, and lots of holiday food!



Judy T said...

LOL! I nearly lost it reading about all your substitutes! Cooking is one of those things I do to relax and feel like the world is right, but I've never been one of those that could just throw things together. My favorite holiday food... Hmmm... Danish pastry, not the kind with cream cheese, but a sweet bread with what tastes like an almond filling. And favorite cookie, I hate to choose just one... sugar cookies, chocolate cookies... I think cookie exchanges are a good idea. :-)

Kelley St. John said...

Favorite holiday food would have to be pralines. Believe it or not, I didn't even know what a praline was until I met my Cajun 21 years ago! Thankfully, I married a guy who not only introduced me to pralines, but also to beignets! YUM!


Diane Perkins said...

And if the reader's scroll down into our achives they'll find out your husband is handsome as well, Kelley!

I did not come from a family noted for cuisine, although my mother made great basic food - meat loaf and baked chicken and something she called "meat with beans" (chili without the chili spices, served over white rice). I never ate broccoli until I was an adult. But every Christmas my aunt who lived with us took off a week of work to make dozens of cookies of all kinds and my mother made the sugar cookies which my sisters and I decorated.

Judy, I am a "throw together" kind of cook because I rarely have all of the right ingredients! And when I'm cooking, nothing seems right in the world. You would have loved my aunt's cookies, though.

Diana Holquist said...

Diane, that your aunt took A WEEK OFF to make cookies got me all hazy and nostalgic for the old days. Imagine taking all that time off to bake. Lovely.

I'm not much of a cook either, but this year, we're hosting the big Hanukkah party and I've got to make the latkes. Very big test, that. Especially since the new house still only has two burners working on the stove and a questionable oven.

Not too starchy, not too greasy, crispy...yikes! I think I'll leave it to my husband while I finish up this next manuscript.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Diane Perkins said...

Diana, It used to be wonderful to "help" my aunt make the cookies!

I'd crumble in face of anything truly complicated in the cooking world. Latkes sound complicated! Anything that needs to be "just right" is bound to come out wrong in my kitchen.

Good luck and Happy Hannukah!


Shari Anton said...

Once upon a time I used to bake cookies. Then my daughter took over, and never one to deny my children, I now allow her to do all the holiday baking. She has two young'uns to help her out, and they make sure grandma gets her fair share. Works for me!

Danielle said...

I have no favorite holiday goodies they are all my favorites but if I had to name just one cookie it would be my aunts almond crescents.