Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shari's Favorite things

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is hauling up the boxes of ornaments and collectables. Over the past 35 years my husband and I have collected several boxes worth of decorations and, well, just fun things. Here are a few of my favorites.

My two children are now adults, but I kept their red felt, white fur-trimmed, Christmas stockings. I still hang them from the fireplace mantle, and there are now two little stockings attached to my daughter’s, which my grandsons think are pretty cool.

A wall hanging of a snowman in his stovepipe hat, made by my mother.

A quart canning jar stuffed full of cinnamon-apple potpourri and a string of multi-colored lights, which marvelously scents the kitchen when plugged in, made by my oldest grandson.

A nativity scene I bought when I fell in love with the joyful look on Mary’s face. Somehow the set has survived children’s slippery hands and large dogs’ excited tails – no missing pieces, not a chip anywhere. Truly blessed!

A large, yellow M&M with brown antlers and a red nose, that scolds whoever reaches into the candy dish on which it stands.

A snowman dressed in a Green Bay Packers jersey and a green and gold knit hat, that plays Jingle Bells when you squeeze his hand.

I also have a collection of angels and nutcrackers that I’m having a bit of trouble finding shelf space for this year.

Such are the things that make me smile when I take them out of the box and spread them throughout the house. I’m sure you have your favorites, too! I’d love to hear about them!

Shari Anton

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MaryF said...

My favorites -

The Fitz and Floyd Santa my mom bought me

My Christmas plates - beautiful poinsettias!

The Christmas mugs my grandmother bought me

The crocheted Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their friend the angel that my grandmother made

The gold scrolled reindeer I got for such a good deal at Bed, Bath and Beyond

My Christmas bowls and glasses

My nutcracker collection, mostly from Target the day after Christmas

I love Christmas decorations!

Shari Anton said...

Lovely list Mary! I'll have to remember to scoot over to Target the day after Christmas -- like I really need another nutcracker.