Monday, January 01, 2007

Elizabeth Tries to Make a New Year’s Resolution List and Doesn’t Get to Number Four Before it All Falls Apart

Oh, my god, is it really 2007 already? Can’t we all go back to bed and give it another 24 hours or so before we decide to start a new year? No? Fine. If we must go on, I’ve got a contest up at my website just for Warner Women Blog readers. Hop on over there after you’ve read my resolutions for the new year, for a chance to win an autographed copy of The Raven Prince.

In 2007 I resolve to:

1. Smile at every baby I see. (Okay this is cheating—I already smile at every baby I see.)

2. Never wear uncomfortable shoes…no matter how sparkly they are. Even if on sale at Nordstroms.

3. Sleep less.

4. Watch every movie that has the potential to be rated for the Bare Male Chest (BMC) movie rating system. (Naturally, I only do this as a public service.)

5. Freeze the frame on the DVD to study any bare male chests I run across to make absolutely sure of their rating on the BMC. (Note: recently I was watching the second half of the first season of Battlestar Galactica and came across the scene where Apollo, played by Jamie Bamber, is wearing a towel and it slips. I’m afraid that I was forced to freeze that picture several times to ascertain exactly how far Mr. Bamber's towel slips. That particular episode rated a perfect 10 on the BMC scale, by the way.)

6. I do watch movies that don't have bare male chests in them. Just so you don’t think I’m shallow or anything.

7. Like, for instance I was watching Foyle's War the other night which has this guy, Anthony Howell, in it who makes a compelling case (to my mind) for bringing back hats on men.

8. Also, three-piece suits with ties and everything.

9. And he never even takes off his suit jacket in the series as far as I can tell. So there. Not shallow. Told you.

10. Um… Oh, and lose tons of weight, exercise, eat more Brussels sprouts, and try not to tell my husband he’s an idiot out loud. The usual.

Happy New Year!


Tori Lennox said...

Re 7, 8 & 9, I have to agree with you. Yum! Although I seem to recall I saw him in his shirtsleeves once. But that may have been a later episode.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Isn't Tony dreamy?

I always think its kinda odd when a really good looking man is on a series and none of the other series characters seem to notice that their co-worker or whatever is a hunk. v. strange. Only in TV land...

Hey! I've already had occasion to enforce resolution #10 when I asked my hubby to chop an onion and he asked me if the pieces should be bigger or smaller than one centimeter square...

Shari Anton said...

LOL! Love the BMC rating idea. Do you have a chart available? I mean, how much definition must a six pack have to rate a 10? Oh, Elizabeth, think of the possibilities for some outrageous fun here!
Shari, chuckling all the way to make some specific viewing selections her DVD collection!

Kimber said...

Being a business gal myself, I LOVE men in suits. No matter what the body shape, the man looks good.

I once went to a party with Alec Baldwin. What got my attention first was his suit (a well made suit is a joy to see). Beautifully made (oh, and the man was nice to look at too).