Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More with Less

I'm diving into a radical experiment. Radical for my usual North American lifestyle. I've declared January, No-Buy month. That means no unecessary spending, no frivolities, no books, no c.d.'s, no movies, no books, no clothes, no books, no ice cream, no books . . . Can you see a pattern here? Books are a definite weakness and now that I have my (drum roll) high speed internet, I can go anywhere, shop anywhere and have it all shipped to our local post office. But not this month. This month I'm only buying necessary groceries, paying bills and not buying anything else. I'm foregoing the thrill of seeing a notice for a parcel in my mailbox, the excitment of going home and setting new books up on my already laden bookshelf. I've survived my first test. My favorite scrapbooking site is selling out of some of my favorite stickers. I had my pen and paper out, making a list and suddenly I realized . . . no buying. I did the same thing last year and found it a challenge and an eye-opener. I'm blogging about my experiences on my own blog,
  • A Few Words in the Wind
  • . So I've gotten through day one. Today is day two and once I've written my page quota for the day, I'm heading into town to buy groceries. My next challenge. One day at a time, I say. (And no, that's not play money I'm holding- that's cold hard, Canadian cash that I'm not going to be spending.)


    Anonymous said...

    I'm been lurking on this list, but was moved to post here by Carolyne's heartfelt dilemma: the urge to buy books. Since I fully share the same problem, I can emphathize. One my resolutions for this year was to not buy new books till I'd cleared out my TBR shelves.

    Anonymous said...

    That is a great idea! I should try that. Wonder how much money I would save? i just got redirected here from Robin Popp's website. Great blog!

    Shari Anton said...

    This is a resolution I would have no chance of keeping, so will therefore spare myself the torture of trying.
    Shari, who bought 2 books at Barnes & Noble this morning.

    Kimber said...

    Don't you find you go buck wild on the spending the next month?

    I tend to merely save up the purchases.