Sunday, January 07, 2007

Warner Women Contests Galore!

The Wonderous Warner Women have gotten together to cross promote, which is a boon to all you contest junkies. Check out these contests on our websites (thanks to Larissa Ione for compiling the list!):

Susan Crandall runs a monthly contest (gave away a digital camera last month!) as well as offering prizes just for posting on her message board!
Kelley St. John is giving away a really nice prize basket in her contest that runs from now through February 14.
Eve Silver is giving away a copy of His Dark Kiss, a book I'm dying to read, in her January contest.
Robin T. Popp is giving away a gob (that's a real word, really) of books, including a signed copy of her latest.
Lori Wilde is giving away four books, plus a T-shirt in her contest.
Samantha Graves is giving away a beautiful set of luggage until April, on her site.
Diana Holquist is giving away several signed books by Warner authors, and all you have to do is comment.
Check out Elizabeth Hoyt's contest for autographed copies of The Raven Prince and Eve Silver's His Dark Kiss!
Just in: Paula Quinn is running two separate contests at her site.
And Marliss Melton will be kicking off her new website with a contest to give away several books, so check back at her site this week.

Bon Chance!


Stefanie said...

Oh, this is so cool! I just love those contest! The waiting and the counting down till the day that the winners are known. And of course the happiness when you are lucky and you win. And then again seeing your new books arriving and reading and enjoying them...
Oh yes, I just love those contest!

Meljprincess said...

WOW! Thanks for all the contest links, Elizabeth. I just read Shari Anton's update with info. about this blog. I'll be sticking around. :-)