Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Diane Perkins Interviews Diane Gaston

Diane Gaston has been pestering me to do an interview with her for my monthly Warner Women blog. Believe me, this woman is with me day and night insisting I interview her. So if you don’t mind, just to shut her up, I will.

Diane Perkins: Why do you want me to interview you anyway, you..you..pest!”

Diane Gaston: I have a book coming out in March.

Diane Perkins: I know. How could I not know? You’ve been dancing around the house all day singing, “I’ve got a book coming out. I’ve got a book coming out.” I mean, it’s great that you do, but, gee, do you have to--

Diane Gaston: (glaring) Ask me about my book!

Diane Perkins: (rolling eyes) Okay, what is the title of you book?

Diane Gaston: Innocence and Impropriety. It is published by Harlequin. And here is the beeeeyoutiful bookcover!

Diane Perkins: Very nice cover. The hero looks like a nice guy. I preferred the guy on your A Reputable Rake, though. Or the lovely men on my books, The Improper Wife and The Marriage Bargain. Nathan Kamp was on The Marriage Bargain--

Diane Gaston: (impatiently) Yes. Yes. But my book will be in bookstores March 1 both in North America and the UK.

Diane Perkins: (mouth drops open) How can it be in both places at one time?

Diane Gaston: It’s coming out from Harlequin Historical and Mills & Boon simultaneously.

Diane Perkins: That’s nice. Did you know my books have sold to Spain and Germany and --

Diane Gaston: Yes, but back to me!

Diane Perkins: (Sighing) All right. Tell us what kind of book it is.

Diane Gaston: A Regency Historical

Diane Perkins: (Eyebrows shooting up) I write Regency Historicals! (Eyes narrowing) What is your book about?

Diane Gaston: (Looking smug) It is connected to my other Harlequin books, The Mysterious Miss M, The Wagering Widow, A Reputable Rake, my RITA winner --

Diane Perkins: My next book, Desire in His Eyes is connected to both The Improper Wife and The Marriage Bargain.

Diane Gaston: (Waving a dismissive hand) Well, my book, Innocence and Impropriety, tells the story of Rose. You remember her from A Reputable Rake, don’t you?

Diane Perkins: Of course I do.

Diane Gaston: Well, she becomes a Vauxhall singer and there is this marquess who wants her for his mistress--

Diane Perkins: So this is a romance between a Vauxhall singer and a marquess?

Diane Gaston: No. Between the singer and the marquess’s secretary. The marquess tells his secretary to arrange things with the singer for him, but the secretary falls in love with Rose instead.

Diane Perkins: So then the marquess and the secretary fight over the singer?

Diane Gaston: No, not really because Rose and Flynn, that’s the secretary’s name, don’t tell the marquess. There is this other guy, Lord Greythorne and he wants Rose, too.

Diane Perkins: Lord Greythorne? Wasn’t he that sadistic guy from your short story on eHarlequin, The Diamond?

Diane Gaston: I didn’t know you read that! Yes, that’s the guy. He adds an element of danger to the story.

Diane Perkins: Well, that sounds interesting. You come up with such interesting plots.

Diane Gaston: (blushing) You do, too, you know. I loved your books!

Diane Perkins: (smiling) I love yours, too. I hope readers will like Innocence and Impropriety.

Diane Gaston: Me too!

Diane Perkins: It will be in bookstores March 1, right?

Diane Gaston: That's right! But I'm going to offer a contest on the Risky Regencies blog next week.

Diane Perkins: (eyes lighting up) A contest?

Diane Gaston: Yep. Go to Risky Regencies next Monday Feb 26 and comment on my books--or your books. I'll select the winner at random on March 1.

Diane Perkins: (turning to the blogging audience) If any of you have any questions for Ms. Gaston, I shall endeavor to twist her little arm to make her answer you. And I, of course, will graciously answer your questions..... In the meantime......



Meljprincess said...

Hi Diane,
LOL! Enjoyed the interview and can't wait for "Innocence and Impropriety". I read about it in my RT magazine and I'm thrilled!
Will you be in Houston?


Diane Perkins said...

Hi, TMMM! Did you see the ad in RT?
I won't be in Houston this year. Our Washington Romance Writers Retreat is the same weekend and I'm one of the volunteers. Maybe next year, though!

All the best,

Lois said...

LOLOLOL That was soooo great!! Hope both of you come to RR at the same time too next week! And chances are, I might be there too. Heck, you guys know me! LOL :)


Judy T said...

Great interview!! And I love I&I! Lord Greythorne makes my skin crawl just thinking about him. Well done. Flynn makes my heart go pit-a-pat, so I'm glad Rose is so sweet. LOL!

And Desire In His Eyes!! Can hardly wait! I hate waiting. ;-D

Diane Perkins said...

This is soooo nice! to have friends visit me! TMMM, Lois, and Judy!

Desire in His Eyes will probably not be out until 2008. I, too, wish it would be sooner.


Judy T said...

Sigh. Did I mention I hate waiting? LOL! I know it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I guess I'll read IW and MB again. Such hardship. ;-)

MaryF said...

What a hoot, Diane!