Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Fall Of Rome by Paula Quinn

I may be slow, or simply in serious denial, but I've just learned that HBO is canceling Rome.



Something is dreadfully wrong with the world. What do you mean it costs too much money to produce? I don't care. Rome is a mega-masterpiece brimming with a host of superior actors. It's historically correct right down to the little coin placed between Niobe's teeth when she died. Sure the set, props, and costumes cost a fortune, but that's what makes the show so believable! (Maybe if HBO invested as much cha-ching in advertising as Showtime has for The Tudors ((which, after viewing the first two episodes, will not and can not replace Rome in my house)) Rome would have more viewers)

Ok, I admit I'm mildly obsessed with Rome. I don't watch much T.V. but I sit in front of the set on Sunday nights counting the minutes, and when that theme music comes on I swear my heart accelerates. It has sucked me in. I'm an addict. I pop grapes into my mouth like a true daughter of the Julii.

The drama, the sex, the tender comradery between Vorenus and Pullo. OMG, Vorenus and Pullo---I don't remember when two characters have touched my heart more. Sure they're a bit brutal, but I like a little brutality in my warriors. Kudos to the brilliant writers who showed me the gentle, honorable sides of these hard soldiers. They made me care. They made me cry and laugh and cringe---and then they pulled the cart right from under me!

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And Marc Antony, you mean I'm never going to see James Purefoy in a toga again? EVIL! If anyone happened to catch that angry sex scene between him and Cleopatra last Sunday--holy smokes! You can't get this on regular television, folks.
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Who am I going to love to hate when Atia is gone? What a perfect conniving b**ch. I prayed she wouldn't eat the poison food when Servilia was trying to kill her. I hated her when she tortured Servilia and that young servant. Then my heart broke for her again when Antony sent her away. Talented writers and a marvelous actress to stir such a mixture of emotions in the viewer.
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I'm going to miss it all terribly, even the chubby guy who shouts the decrees on the steps, emphasizing every word with the proper hand movements.

Thanks, HBO. Thanks a whole heck of a lot.

What television shows are you obsessed with?


Michelle said...

Actually the last episode was on tonight. I loved season one, but as I've been complaining about since the beginning of season 2, this one's been too much. I'm exhausted! As Winona Ryder said to Gary Oldman in Dracula, "take me away from all of this death!"

However, in retrospect it was a stellar series, all the better because it was short. (too expensive to produce, HBO/BBC said -- I felt that season 2 was on fast forward -- it covered enough ground for three seasons!)

loriwilde said...

I tried watching Rome and I just couldn't get into it. But then I've never been a history buff. Couldn't stand Deadwood either. But I loved the Sopranos and Six Feet Under.

Paula Quinn said...

Well, I just watched the last episode of my beloved show (I like to watch it at asleep) and I cried like a baby.

For those of us that loved it, it will be sorely missed.

Michelle said...





I was so glad Pullo and Vorenus were friends till the end. Obviously they were the true loves of each other's lives. *tear*

Glad Vorenus' children finally seemed to forgive him.

Glad Atia got her attitude back at the end when dealing with what really is her "younger self" in Octavius' wife. Although Anthony did not deserve her grief. He didn't even think of her at the end.

Anthony was a major jerk, but I still shed a tear when he died. What a fantastic character. he was everything from a hero to a villain. Sometimes at the same time. And hot. Which helps.

Simon Woods was magnificent as Octavius. The temperature went down in the room with one well-placed look from those ice blue eyes.

Lois said...

Well, I don't have HBO, so I never saw it. . . but my obsessions are I Love Lucy, Star Trek The Next Generation, Smallville, X-Files, and CNN. You will note that in the end, I don't watch much tv, and most of the shows are in reruns. LOL And how many millions of times have I seen I Love Lucy, and I still record it when I'm not going to see it? LOL :)


Paula Quinn said...

I don't watch much T.V. either, but I understand about the reruns. I still I Dream Of Jeannie (Thank you Nickatnite!) and I'll never get bored with The Honeymooners.
Paula :)

Rika said...


How could they! Heh... Took you favorite show away from you like that. Now you'll have to collect the DVD's. LOL...

The pictures look awesome. They don't show Rome here but I can imagine that it must be awesome with their toga's! ;o)

Big hugs cos its gone now. I felt like that when they put an end to Charmed. Didn't matter how many episodes they made. It was never enough! Heh!


Paula Quinn said...

Charmed was one of my favorites. I have the entire first and second season on DVD.
And you're right, I'll have to get Rome too :)

Priscilla Waller said...

I feel for you because I'm in the same fix, different show. I'm losing Midsomer Murders. Two more shows and then goodbye. I don't know what I'll do without my escape to Oxfordshire every Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

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