Friday, March 23, 2007

I liked 300 too, by Megan Crane

It's nice to see you, Warner Women. It's been a while. I have the usual excuses, but I'll spare you. As ever, I return bearing pictures:

Far be it from me to knock pictures of my new favorite actor, Gerard Butler, off the top of this blog.

I'm so obsessed with the movie 300 that since seeing it I have started many conversations with the battle cry, "SPARTANS!"

No, I'm not kidding.

I am much-beloved in my neighborhood for exactly this reason.

I have also decreed that I will be naming my first son Leonidas. As I am not planning to begin a family any time soon, and am not Greek, this decree was met with the usual rolled eye.

What can I say? I'm with Diane: 300 is an inspiring, glorious epic of a movie, that we should all run out and see.

Again, in my case!


Diane Perkins said...

Ha ha, Megan, I can just hear you telling your honey who innocently asks first thing in the morning, "Aren't we going out to dinner tonight?"
To which you answer, "Ready your breakfast and eat hardy, for tonight we dine in H*ll!"

Or he says, "Megan, my love, would you bring me the newspapers?"
Your answer, "Persian, come and get them!"

Or he says, "I'm going out to the store."
You say, "Spartan, return with your shield or on it."

I've been TELLING all of you about how wonderful Gerard Butler is!!!!Way back at my POTO Blog. Glad you joined the club, Megan!


Candy Halliday said...

Okay. I'm usually not into 300-TYPE movies.

But after those picture - WOW!

searching her local theaters for movie time. :)

Megan Crane said...

You laugh, Diane, but that's pretty much how it's been around here.

Him: "Honey, I'm going to work."


As for Gerard Butler, I have been interested in him since, believe it or not, Tomb Raider. There's something about him and that wire bunk bed that remained embedded in my memory....

Diane Perkins said...

Eat your heart out, Megan. I've talked my husband into going to 300 tomorrow (a conspiracy with my friend Helen)so this will be my fourth time!

I concede. Although I picked a photo of Gerard Butler to be the model of one of my heroes even before I ever saw Phantom, I was clueless as to what I was missing.

Can't imagine why that bunk bed scene stuck in your mind....


Megan Crane said...

Guess I just notice those bunk beds.

They're so intriguing, and, frankly, underutilized in film.

I'm sure that's it...