Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recapturing my teens

I dunno about you, but high school was torture for me for two reasons. One, I was an academigeek, and people just hate that. Two, I belonged to this toxic church that required that we wear skirts down past our knees, nylon stockings even in the summer, and our hair pinned up. High school is hard enough when you're normal. When you look like your grandmother on purpose, it gets brutal.

Now that I've been signed to write a series of books for teen girls (first one's out in May 2008 with a tentative title of THROUGH MY GLASSES DARKLY), though, I'm finding that the memories of high-school torture are coming in very handy. I don't have to go very far to reach those emotions of alienation, fear, and perpetually unrequited love that will give my characters (I hope) that universal appeal and sympathy factor. Maybe good came out of it after all ::LOL::

So, tell me ... what's the worst thing that ever happened to you in high school? What cringe-worthy event has had permanent repercussions to your psyche? Just how bad can it get? Inquiring minds want to know. Plus maybe I can put you in a book! LOL

Shelley B.


Megan Crane said...

You know, high school was so horrible that I can't bring myself to start talking about it... I'd be talking a long, long time!

Kudos to you for mining the trauma!!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the book deal! That's really exciting. I admire people who can write YA like, you know, dude, really, really a lot. I think it's HARD.

I just moved back to my hometown, so I'm RE-meeting all these people I went to high school with.

The best revenge? I can barely remember most of them. They seemed so important at the time...

--Diana Holquist
Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 07

Anonymous said...

My daughter said "Mom, please don't tell me these are the best years of my life (h.s.). If it is, I'm doomed." She's a sophmore in college and loving it.

For me - Swimming class was co-ed. One piece suits, not required. Dove into the pool, top went up, bottom went down. I had more hands "helping" me on the sideline. Foreign exchange student said "Ah, America is nice." 1973

Started my period in English class. Asked to be excused. Didn't have a dime for the dispenser in the ladies room so I went to the nurse. She handed me a tampon and went to use the bathroom there. The door was unlocked I opened it and there sat my sister's boyfriend (he was going through physical therapy after a car accident). As I stood there frozen with my tampon in hand staring at him. 1972

Lis said...

Let's see, I fell down the main staircase in front of the cafeteria in a really short skirt, my books went everywhere.
Another time on track and field day the b*tchy girls took one of those gatorade things of water and dumped it over my head. White t-shirt turned see-through. I had to call my mom to bring me a change of clothes while the guys laughed at my wet t-shirt look

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Oh, high school *shudder* one long humiliating nightmare. Good for you for writing about it, Shelley!

Shelley Bates said...

Oh, you guys, I can feel the pain from here! Sympathetic hugs on the tampon and falling-down-stairs incidents. I can totally relate to both--I fell off a bench in front of a trio of guys I had been shyly trying to talk to.
"Nice undies," one said.
"You didn't see them," I retorted.
"Did so. They're white with red flowers."
No, they weren't. But I found out what he meant when I went to the bathroom shortly after. The embarrassment is with me yet.

Shelley B.