Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You don’t know me but…

I was going to start with “You don’t know me…” but then I realized maybe you do know me under my other author name, C.J. Barry. If so, you may also know that I have written five futuristic romances. If not, please don’t tell me. :-)

These days I’m branching out into a new genre with a new name, Samantha Graves. Warner Books/Hachette BG took a leap of faith and bought two books—Sight Unseen (coming out in four days!) and Out of Time (due out July 2008).

They are both contemporary adventure romantic suspense’s with a paranormal twist. The name might be different, but the action, adventure, humor and suspense is still there. It’s just here and now as opposed to there and then. Make sense?

Okay, more about me than you probably ever wanted to know. I’m a computer geek from way back before there were personal computers. Don’t do the math. It’ll give you a headache. Suffice to say, I have skills—computer skills, and I’m not afraid to use them on my blog, websites for Samantha and CJ and Will Write for Wine (WWfW) podcast, MySpaces for Samantha and WWfW podcast, YouTube, and WWfW Podcast with Lani Diane Rich. Who needs sleep? And if that’s not enough, I also work as an IT technical writer. Yes, that is as boring as it sounds. Thus, fiction.

I have two lovely teenagers, a great hubby and a seventeen pound cat named Oliver who I love and adore and feed too much. I live in Central New York state where the autumns are breath-taking, the winters are brutal, the springs are short, and the summers are shorter. I like to garden and cook and have an unexplained fetish for antique cake plates despite the fact that I don’t bake cakes.

Oh, and I am now a Warner Woman, of which I am very proud. This is my first blog, and it’s great to be here with these talented ladies. I had the pleasure of meeting many of them last year at the RWA National Conference and hope to see them all at this year’s conference.

And thus concludes my post. I promise my next blog will not be about me. Thanks for stopping by. Kindly leave a comment and introduce yourselves.

Until next time,
Samantha Graves


Mary C. said...

I had just finished reading the first chapter of Sight Unseen on your website (linked to Outoftheblgosphere.blogspotcom). I immediately put it on my list to purchase on my next visit to the bookstore. The first chapter really grabbed by attention, and now that I know you previously wrote as C. J. Barry, I can hardly wait. I loved the Barry books and am looking forward to more Samantha Graves books.

Sam said...

Oh thank you, Mary! That's so nice of you. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my CJ Barry books, and I hope you like my Samantha Graves books as well.

And thanks for being my very first comment. :)


Brandy said...

Thought I'd tell you here. I finished Sight Unseen the other night and it was great! Is there going to be another book with these characters, I mean they could get into so much trouble on a boat!

Sam said...

Brandy! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed Sight Unseen. :D Jillian's book is next AND Paulie will be there too. He'll be mixed up in more trouble than you can imagine! LOL

Thanks again for the note. You rock!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Welcome to Warner Women, Sam! I'm looking forward to reading SIGHT UNSEEN--it's such a cool cover.

Sam said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. And hey, we are release buddies this month. Elizabeth's THE LEOPARD PRINCE is available April 1st as well, and it sounds fabulous!