Sunday, April 01, 2007

Elizabeth Examines Men Who Shop

So, first and foremost, The Leopard Prince, my second book, is now in stores and I’d take it as a personal favor if you’d go out and buy it. Really. Go ahead. The rest of this post isn’t anything that can’t wait, so you might as well do it now.


Okay, fine, then let’s discuss what the heck is up with men and shopping, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I manage to go to places like the grocery store, drug store, and Target (which we here in the Midwest know is correctly pronounced Tar-shay) several times a month and not get confused. Yet these same trips seem to completely flummox my husband. Case in point: just the other day my husband said he was running to the little local grocery for milk. Great, I said, could you pick up a few things for me? Here’s what I wanted:

a newspaper
a small frozen veggie pizza for my lunch
sour cream for the beef stroganoff I was making for dinner

Forty-five minutes later, this is what my husband brought back:

a large bag of peanut M&Ms
green onions
a can of “chili beans”
a sausage and pepperoni frozen pizza
a hunk of cheddar cheese
a 2 liter bottle of diet Pepsi

Wah-huh? It’s like sending a deranged magpie out to shop. I picture him wandering the aisles of our local grocery, randomly throwing things into the cart, and bringing them to the cashier to purchase when he gets bored. Naturally, I didn’t actually say this—I have been married for quite a few years—I simply thanked my husband and made a mental note to run to the grocery myself later.

Okay, so is this just my hubby? Or do you know of perfectly intelligent men who can’t seem to remember a simple grocery list to save their life? Let me know and I’ll pick one person from those responding to win an autographed copy of The Raven Prince.

PS: This guy is wandering his local grocery thinking, Hmm. I know I forgot something...


Maureen said...

Congrats on the new book. It is on my book list when I next go shopping. I love your post because I have experienced the same phenomenon. The worst was when our children were little and I was sick and he took them grocery shopping. They quite innocently insisted that everything they showed him were things that I would purchase. Now I have to write out a very specific list when he shops and even then there will be surprises.

Lois said...

Alas, no hubby here so that's never happened. . . however, that second guy's also probably thing, what's the draft in here ? ;)

And don't look at me and my entry for the giveaway, you just gave me one yesterday. LOL And the new book's still on my list, don't worry about that! :)


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Ah, yes, Maureen, the "Mommy always buys the extra-large box of Ding Dongs" syndrome.

And that guy might be experiencing a draft, Lois, but at least he has his nifty shades on!

Cherie said...

Congrats on the new book! LOL! Great picture! I have gotten to the point with my husband when I ask him to shop for something that I write down the item I want with the product name and the exact ounces I want. The more specific I am on my list the better the chance I will get what I want.

Cherie J

Carol said...

I think some women suffer from the same affliction! Before I head out to the grocery store, I tell myself, I only need 3 things and then I come back with everything but! I have zero short term memory.:-)

alissa said...

I try to stick to the but of course too easy to get sidetracked in other appealing items and non essentials. Congrats on the book.

ellie said...

It is totally impossible to send out a hubby without a list, even then they pick up special cute delectable choices which they just have to try.

pearl said...

It is always entertaining to send out the husband to pick up a few necessities and have him arrive back with several bags of goodies.

joelle said...

That is why I shop on my own. Quicker, easier and more efficient. And he takes forver to choose and is slow.

sharon said...

Grocery shopping is not for men. When I see them in the store I chuckle at how they can possibly manage with this onerous chore. I run in and get it done and prefer it that way.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Well, the problem with a list, Cherie and Ellie, is that my poor hubby gets quite defensive and demands to know if I think he can't remember three little things (answer: YES.)

There's still time to respong--I'll pick a winner tomorrow (Tues.) morning!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...


tetewa said...

I have no hubby here but try asking your significant other to go to the store for you and pick up some feminine products. I always love to see the look on his face. Congrats on the release!

CrystalG said...

Congratulations on the new book.
My husband asks for a list if he is going to the store because he knows he needs one. LOL. He usually brings home a lot more than is on the list. Most of it snacks. :)

Helen said...

LOL Tetewa, my DH will go in there and stare at the empty box for 10 minutes, then leave the house mumbling "pink pink pink" He'll do it with no problems, he just gets intimidated in the aisle.

I can send my DH out for food, he does most of the cooking, so he's a pretty good shopper. (of food) He will come back with items I would never in a million years buy, but he does come back with what he was sent for. My problem is he doesn't want to go. We've been out of milk for 5 days now. I haven't been able to go (our boys were on spring break and I'm not heading to the store with them) and, well, we still don't have any milk. I'll have to go today to pick some up.

I'm so excited your new book is out Elizabeth. I loved the Raven Prince and can't wait to pick this one up. (Maybe when I go get milk?) In fact, I bought the Raven Prince intending on donating it the my library when I finished it (I bought it b/c of Julia Quinn) and, well, I haven't been able to convince myself to actually part with it. It's a wonderful book.

traveler said...

Congrats on your new book. It is difficult to restrict yourself when you shop due to the many and varied choices which are too appealing. We have a list but never ever remain true to it if we wish to tryout a new fun product.

principessa said...

Congrats on this wonderful book. My husband brings home only what we need. Sometimes I could use a treat or a unique goodie that I would just love to have for a change.

Rika said...


If you think only Hubby's are like that... well, on the other side of the coin there are FATHERS. *rolling eyes here* hehe...

My Dad does the same thing to mum. She asks him to buy a dozen bread rolls nd what does he do? He brings back three dozen! Dad, who are we going to feed this to? LOL

Then there are the times he does exactly what you DH does. Buys everything you don't need and nothing you asked for. It's mind boggling(sp?).

Just what do they do when they wonder around in store? Because when we go with him I end up saying to mum, "There goes Michael Schumacher" as he races through the aisles ahead of us. Hehehe...

Men, whether they are your DH or your father, they still leave you puzzled and needing to visit the shops again. LOL...

All the best for The Leopard Prince. I can't wait to get it in store here.


Laurie said...

If I go shopping at the end of the day without a list, I get a glazed look in my eye and I can't remember the simplest things to buy!
Anyway, lately my husband and I go in the evenings together after a walk. A three item search for bread, milk and fruit can take forever as my husband checks every bread loaf for a rip, I just check the dates, Milk- cap must be tight, no dents in container, plastic not dirty...again I just check the dates. Fruit oh my!! decisions what kind, how many, touch every one. AND just lately he has a fascination with the coffee aisle I can't get him away from it! So many choices too little time!!
I prefer to do it myself!
Even though I hate to shop I can do it in half the time that my husband does!!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Whoa, Tetewa & Helen, your sig others are obviously very secure in their masculinity to be able to go into the "pink aisle" for you!

Okay, I've reached into the hat and drawn out...PRINCIPESSA! Principessa, contact me via my website and I'll send you an autographed copy of THE RAVEN PRINCE!