Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Headless Men on Book Covers and the Women Who Love Them by Diana Holquist

The Sexiest Man Alive has no head.

Didn't you suspect all along that the Sexiest Man Alive didn't need a head?

There are several possible reasons for his lack of head.

1) It's superfluous

2) When I worked in advertising, we paid models less if we didn't show their faces. Don't know if that goes in publishing, but it might.

3) We wanted to let the reader "imagine" what the hero looks like. You can imagine your husband, for example. Or not. Just joking.

In any case, with this cover, there's not a whole heck of a lot left to the imagination, so you've got to imagine something.

What's that? You want me to be quiet so you can look at the picture now?

Sexiest Man Alive will be in stores this October. It's the second in the One True Love series of gypsy romances.

Okay. I'm done. I'll be quiet now.

(Oh--except for one very exciting thing: a new contest upcoming! As soon as I get the details on the prizes, I'll post the contest. We're going to have to re-name the Warner Women blog because our publisher just changed their name from "Warner" to "Grand Central Publishing." So, we're going to have a contest to re-name the blog. The winner is going to get some fantabulous prize (a headed man?), so keep checking back. I hope to have details later this week.)

Let me know what you think. Do you like the headless book covers? Wish they put on heads? Wish they made towelless book covers...?

Happy reading!

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Lois said...

Admittedly, I'm not a fan of headless people because it's just plain weird to me. LOL I mentioned that one time about a discussion of covers, and someone said another reason you can add is because people will complain that the people on the cover don't match the people inside. . . still, the people inside have heads. . . ;)

And yeah, dump the towel. :)


Michelle said...

Diana... you made me laugh three times while I read that post and that is rare! (I especially liked your very useful tag words at the end).

Speaking as one who also has a headless model on her cover, I say... I love them! But at least I got lips and part of a nose. ;-)

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Y'know, someone told me recently that there'd been a study linking uh...testicles and brain cells in male animals. Apparently the bigger the brain, the smaller the testicles and the reverse. So extrapolating this theory out, if the guy has NO head...

Anonymous said...

Lois---Ha! "...still the people inside have heads..." I love that. In my next book, I'm writing a headless hero...

Michelle--Not just lips and part of a nose, but your cover model has clothes. Maybe it's one of those "I'll know I made the big time when" deals.

Elizabeth--Oh. My. God. No wonder he can barely hold up the towel...

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Barbara Elness said...

I, for one, like heads....and I say, lose the towel!
But I love the cover, it's hot.