Monday, April 16, 2007

Shari's Score = Equal Hemispheres

The test I took at actually says I have "fairly" equal hemispheres, but I am Right Brain Dominant by a few percentage points.

For those who may not know what I'm talking about, the right side of the brain is the visual, creative hemisphere. This is the side that says, "Hey, let's get in the car and go to the library. What fun!"

We get in the car and the Left Brain says, "Okay, fine, but put on your seat belt. And remember that you can bring home only as many books as you can carry out to the car in one trip."

The left side also controls things like mathematical abilities. My husband prefers that I not mess around with the totals in the checkbook unless I'm using a calculator. Most of the time I just enter the dollar amount of the checks I write and allow him to do the math. Works for us!

The right brain likes to go exploring, to consider all possible approaches to the task at hand. This comes in handy when beginning a book, when the world of our characters can take any form, and the twists and turns of plot are multiple. The left brain makes order and sense of the creativity, and prods us to write down what the right brain has dreamed up.

The tests at Similarminds are fun and interesting. In fact, I may run my next characters through a couple of them to learn more about how they tick. My left brain is telling me to set a timer so I don't spend all day playing.

So what are you? Left or Right?

Shari Anton


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari, am off to test your brain quiz (just to see if I have one). Will let you know the results. Katrina E

Edie said...

I've taken similar tests before, and I'm right-brained. Not sure if I need a test to tell me that, lol. They're nice time wasters though. *g*

Shari Anton said...

Katrina privately, generously shared her test results. She does, indeed, have a brain, mostly right :).

Edie, you're right about wasters, which is why I set the timer! :)


Lois said...

I was more right than left, I believe. That and the world leader that I was most like was Albert Einstein, which was sooooooo ironic for me. :)


Shari Anton said...

Ah, Lois, we knew you were a smart cookie :).