Friday, April 27, 2007

Why Writers are Crazy

I should probably begin this blog by saying that not all writers are crazy. Well, they are but not all of them will admit it. It’s a denial thing.

Why, you may ask, are writers crazy? Well, there’s the obvious element of having strange people in my head. This in itself would not be so strange if it weren’t for the fact that these people are arguing with me. If they’d just be quiet and do what I want them to do, we’d be fine. But no-ooo. Half-way through the book that I have solidly and meticulously plotted, “someone” will have a brilliant idea and make a move that I never saw coming.

This. Makes me crazy.

Then there’s all the things in this business that I can’t control like print-runs, best-seller lists, reviews, distribution, returns, and sell-through. I can write the book. I can’t do anything about what happens to it afterward.

This. Makes me crazy.

Then there’s the obsession with rankings. Since I have a new book out this month, I check them every day. Every hour, every day. is probably wondering who on Earth my IP address is and why I’m taking up so much of their bandwidth. Alas much to my dismay, I have come to realize that I have no idea what those rankings mean. I see no pattern. I see no correlation to reviews or any promotion that I’ve done. Only up and down.

This. Makes me crazy.

Then there’s the non-writers I know and love. Who blissfully wander into my office while I’m working on a particularly difficult passage to ask me where the peanut butter is. Which has been in the same place in the same pantry for ten years. Or where the cat is. I’m in my office. If the cat were in my office, I’d know where he was. And…what was I writing again?

This. Makes me crazy.

But you know, I’m kind of fond of the strange people in my head. They can stay. The people in my life can stay. And maybe someday the rest won’t make me so crazy. But then I wonder, would I still be a writer? :-)



Brandy said...

Um, sorry you're crazy! *g* But, loved your Samantha Graves book!

Sam said...

LOL Thanks, Brandy! I think.

Hey, I'm glad you liked my book! Thank you for letting me know. Helps keep me sane. ;D

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's calling me crazy?

Oh, yeah, well, I do check my on-line ranking endlessly and worry about my babies once I type "the end" and rant at my family for interrupting me....

Hey, better crazy than dull :-)

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Debbie said...

Having strange people running around in your head is not crazy. Readers experience this, too. Or, at least this reader does...LOL. Not knowing where the peanut butter that's crazy! I always know where mine is. It's sitting on top of my desk with a spoon sticking out of it. ;)

Sam said...

Diana, you are SO right! All my friends are writers and none of them are dull. :D

Debbie, you are my kind of gal. I love peanut butter. Or better yet, that really good vanilla pre-made frosting? Straight out of the container. Gah. No wonder I'm on a diet!

who'd much rather be crazy than dull

Mickey said...

How about the name slizzing chicks??

Mickey said...

Sorry wrong post and it should have been sizzling chicks

Anonymous said...

I'm a writer too and I have my own brand of crazy. i only live with my grandparents so it's easier, but more than once I've thrown the phone out the window to make it shut up while I'm working.