Friday, May 18, 2007

And the Winner Is...

The winner in the re-name the Warner Women blog contest is definitely us because you guys did such an awesome job--it was REALLY hard to pick a winner. (For those coming late to the show, Warner Books has been re-named Grand Central Publishing, hence the need for the new name for this blog.) Clearly, some of you should be writers...or at the very least copywriters.

After much polite (and not so polite) discussion, the judges decided.

The new blog name is Grand Central Café. And wait'll you see the new template that our very own Michelle Rowen is putting together. It's cozy and warm and definitely a place you'll want to spend lots of time!

Thanks again, all of you. It was a great effort and we're touched that so many of you responded.



Shari Anton said...

Yippee!!! The new name is revealed, and as Diana said, we were awed and thankful so many of you participated. I'm sure Michelle's design will be great.

Now, where's the cappucino machine? And I'd like a raspberry scone and clotted cream to go with it, please!


Polly said...

Need some help I am a web designer?

Michelle said...

Ah, but I do it for free. Wait a minute. Why am I doing this for free again?? I am a graphic designer but web definitely ain't my specialty.

If free with the perks of having us love you is enough payment, Polly, then please email me. :-)

Actually the new template is groovy. I'm just having a little issue with the sidebar....

Diana Holquist said...

I got a sneak peek of the design--and it's definitely groovy. Truly impressive. I know you're all gonna love it.

Hey, maybe if we start running Starbucks ads, we could pay our web slaves...?

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Lois said...

Very cool dudes!! :)