Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The appeal of Pirates

My grandsons have been reminding me that the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out soon. The reminder is unnecessary. I have May 25th circled on my calendar, though I'll probably wait until the following week to go see it, when I can have most of the theater to myself (early afternoon showing).

Obviously, the boys and I have different reasons for wanting to see the movie. They like the action. They want to know what new monsters the characters will have to face. They think the ships are way cool.

I'm almost content just to stare into Captain Jack's eyes.

But as a writer, I'm doing a character study. Yes, this is how I tell myself I'm actually working while drooling over Johnny Depp. I swear, this character has fascinated me from the moment I watched him sail into port in a sinking boat, his posture erect, his expression letting everyone know that he'd planned to arrive at the dock in just this way.

Captain Jack Sparrow is elegant and rough. He possesses several flaws and quirks. He's a Pirate through and through, and yet we see him as a loveable rogue. Obviously, I'm completely hooked and anxious to see how Jack turns out in the end.

What do you think? Can Captain Jack be redeemed? Will he get the girl? Do we want him to?

Shari Anton


Lois said...

Alas, I must be the only person who visits romance blogs and sites that hasn't seen any of the Pirate films. Just never had the urge, like I don't feel like seeing the new sequel either. Heck, I don't even know if I went on the ride at Disney World. LOL

But I know I did go on the Small World ride. ;)


Susan Macatee said...

I'm fascinated by Jack Sparrow, too. I think he's a great romance hero, deliciously appealing.

But, alas, he doesn't get the girl. My husband bought the first two films on DVD so we can watch them anytime and I'll be looking forward to seeing the third installment.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL Shari, I share your fascination. As a SAH mom I don't get to see movies in the theater and was anxiously awaiting the release of the second one for rental last December. My husband was with me as the video store opened its doors -- along with several other "mom" types (like me). As I grabbed a copy off the shelf, my dh shook his head and said "I don't know why you're so anxious to see that." Needless to say, all the other "mom" types and I shared a knowing laugh!

catslady said...

I can't think of any movie he was in that I didn't like.

Shari Anton said...

That's okay, Lois. We'll let you hang out with us anyway! :) And thanks a bunch -- now I have that silly Small World song running through my head! LOL!

Susan, I hope you're right about Jack not getting the girl! I was worried the screenwriters were going to think that was a 'good' idea.

Loved the story, Nicole! Thanks for giving us all a chuckle!


Shari Anton said...

Catslady has a point. Johnny Depp doesn't do 'normal' roles. He's had an interesting career.


Jamie Kersten said...

As delicious as Captain Jack is, Will Turner (who is yummy in his own right) has just pined away far to long to be deprived of winning the girl. As much chemistry as there is between Jack & Elizabeth, I'll be anxious to see how the writers satisfy me with how it all wraps up.

Jacquie said...

In a way, I don't want Captain Jack Sparrow to get the girl. He represents freedom and all that goes with it. If a woman claims him, it would have to be someone who goes her own way when the whim strikes, as would he.

Frankly, I was disgusted by Elizabeth's behavior and baffled by Will Turner, Jr.'s reaction in the second movie. I'm thinking it would be ironic if Elizabeth ended up with Norington.


GLENNA said...

I love Jack Sparrow. Of course Johnny Depp is a hunk in any of his roles. I don't think he gets the girl though. Can't wait to see the 3rd one. May have to try and fight my panic attacks to go the theater to see it.

Shari Anton said...

As Jamie points out, poor Will, who is our Model of a hero, wants Elizabeth. But there is that lack of chemistry. IMHO, Will must take a very dramatic stand in #3 (as far as Elizabeth goes :)), or oh my, yes Jackie! give her over to Norington!! LOL!!

Diana Holquist said...

Will Jack Sparrow get the girl?

Jack Sparrow is the girl. The mascara. The waving hips. The girlie swoons.

I love Jack Sparrow as much as the next girl (okay, more...) but let's face it, he is who he is and proud of it ("I love to wave at the chance to do good as it passes by..."). We don't want him to change.

Elizabeth is the man in these movies. Heck, she even dressed like one for most of movie #2.

She's got to accept that she has to dominate Jack...accept him as the bad boy...and love every yummy moment of it.

Very sexy that.

Very subversive.

Very fun!


Shari Anton said...

LOL, DIANA!!!!!!!!!