Sunday, May 20, 2007

Change is Good!

My whole growing up years were ones with change built in. As an Army brat (meaning my dad was an officer in the US Army) we moved frequently and we faced new places, new homes, new schools and friends. I would not trade that life for anything, but it did leave me with a certain ambivalence about change. I both love it and dread it!

I've lived in my present house for all the years of my children's growing up, for example, and have been loathe to move to a bigger, newer house as so many do in the DC suburbs. And my sisters live nearby, equally as settled into houses and not moving anywhere! Still, I sometimes yearn to pick up stakes and try someplace completely new.

There is something exciting about change. It is like having a chance to begin all over again, to see new things, have new experiences. When I took up romance writing, I didn't know all the changes it would bring into my life, all the new friends, new travel, new and exciting experiences. Wonderful changes to my humdrum life!

This has been a big year of change for those who publish us here on this blog. I can imagine our editors have experienced the ambivalence of change. In about a year's time they have changed to a new corporation (Hachette), new name (Grand Central Publishing), and now new offices near Grand Central Station.

So the name of our blog changes too! I think Grand Central Cafe is a perfect name. This blog should be a place to relax, sip your coffee or tea or whatever beverage you choose and spend time with new and old friends!


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Diana Holquist said...

Well said, Diane. (As usual...)

And let's all give a huge thanks to Zara H. from Decatur AL for supplying the new blog name. I packed up the books today and the hat and I'll send them off tomorrow!


Judy T said...

It's a wonderful name! Though the new comment format will take a little getting used to; an opportunity to explore change! The new blog looks lovely.

Diane Perkins said...

So nice of you to stop by, Judy T!!

Carol said...

I really like the new name! Congrats, Zara!