Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Contest: Win Free Books and a Cool Hat by Re-naming the Warner Women Blog

Warner Books has a new name--Grand Central Publishing! So now, the Warner Women Blog needs a new name too. Think you're up for the challenge?

Suggest a new name for the blog. Just enter it in the comments section below (click on "comment" and go for it.) If you're the first one to suggest the name that gets picked, you'll win five free books and this awesome Grand Central hat, modeled here by Fuzzy, the diet Coke addict bear.

The name doesn't have to be a riff on Grand Central to win the contest. In fact, some of our fav blog names (trashionistas, literary chicks) have great names without including the publisher name. But then, there are the Avon Ladies, who do use their publisher's name and do it quite well. Anything goes in this contest!

I am VERY jealous of whoever wins, as these are some awesome free books to win. And the hat's not bad either.

(These books are in fact, all the same size. I just stole the covers from all over the place and they came out different sizes. Sorry about that.)

Anyway, have fun and play nice! Or better yet, don't play nice...

Good luck! We'll pick a winner May 18th.

--Diana Holquist

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Nonny said...

Well, if you're wanting something in keeping with the Warner Women name... how about Grand Central / G. C. Girls? :)

jackietoo said...

Romance Central
Reading Central

Uh, can we do more than one? :Þ Like if I think of something better can I come back?

jackietoo said...

Romance Readers Central

Ignore me, if this is not allowed. I couldn't resist :D

carolanne said...

Hi all,

This is what I have so far:

Grand Dames of Romance Blog
Grand Ladies of Romance
Romance Lovers
Romance Addicts

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with up!

Author said...

The Park Avenue Girls

The Main Concource

42nd and Park

Those are my suggestions...

LB at Author, Author!

Author said...

Jeez... I could have at least spelled CONCOURSE right. Mea Culpa...

LB at Author, Author!

Diana Holquist said...

Wow, you guys are awesome. You can come back as much as you like--bring it on!

I'm already SO impressed.

Hey, anyone want to do a title for my next book next?


Lois said...

The Grand Central Station
The Romantic Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station of Romance
Grand Central Writers
Girls Gone Wild (maybe too close to something else LOL)
Wicked Romance Writers
Blogging at Tiffany's

That's all I have right now. LOL


PS - How about Mr. Darcy's Ladies? Hmm, well I like it. . . ;)

Kathy said...

* Central Queens
* Queens of Central
* Landmark Babes
* Central Broads
* Landmark Broads
* Grand Central Girls
* Up Town Broads
* Central Nymphs
* Avenue Darlings
* Central Maids
* Grand Filly's
* Central's Hoydens
* Grand's Hoydens
* Central Hoyden's
* Grand Hoyden's
* Classy Broads at Grand Central

Any takers? :-) I'm spent.


Larissa Ione said...

These are awesome! Better than anything I've been able to come up with, for sure! *g*

Anonymous said...

Title: All Aboard!
Blurb: Welcome to the blog for the Grand Central Women-Where writing romance is always an exciting ride!

charleneteglia said...

Grand Central Mavens.

Anonymous said...

Title: The Platform
Blurb: (This is a take on the blurb you already have) Welcome to the Group Blog from some of the Authors of Grand Central Publishing.

Title: In Transit
Blurb: (Take on your existing blurb with an extra tagline)Welcome to the Group Blog from some of the Authors for Grand Central Publishing-Where Romance is the journey AND the destination!

judy said...

Grand Ladies Group
Women of Grand Central
Grand Central Bloggers

Shari Anton said...

I am sooo impressed! What great suggestions! Chosing a winner is not going to be easy.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Central Grande Dames

Diane P said...

Romance conductors

Conducting Romance
Grand Central Romance Conductors
G.C.Romance travelers
I'm on a theme here, I like the idea of you authors helping us on a romantic journey.

Mickey said...

How about sizzling chicks

Grand Central chicks

Polly said...

Alley Kittens of Grand Central
Arousing Conversations
Titillating Talk
The Grand Central Inkslingers
Women Wanton
Risque Writing

Minna said...

Grand Romance

Diana Holquist said...

Wow, you guys are AWESOME!

I have four faves so far and they just keep getting better and better.

Yep, I'm definitely having a name my next book contest.

You all blow me away.

Keep 'em coming!

Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 07
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Edie said...

Grand Goddesses
Grand Central Goddesses

Polly said...

Nice & Naughty

jennifer echols said...


Polly said...

FANTASY - Its not just for Elves anymore!

Got Romance!

Men have their uses

aBookworm said...

How about
"Untamed" or
"Sex and Stories" or
"The Grande Girls"

Maureen said...

My suggestions are:

The Grand Passion
Queen Bees
The Beehive
The Grand View

Cherie J said...

Grand Central Divas
Divas of Desire
Diva Central Station

Anonymous said...

Title: Ain't It Grand?
Blurb: (Take on your existing blurb with extra tagline) Welcome to the Group Blog from some of the Authors for Grand Central Publishing-Your Stop for Romance Fiction!

Carol said...

The Grand Central Sisters
Sisters in Romance
TheGrand Sisters

Danielle said...

Grand Station Gossip Girls

Angie said...

How about The Romance Station, Grand Central Romance, Romance Central, or Grand Central Love Lines.

I am not at my most creative tonight... LOL

Kimberly L said...

Fuzzy's Blog
Grand Central Chicks
Author's Desire
GCP Authors
The Jewels of Romance

catslady said...

I'm not sure there's anything left lol.

The Grands
The Grandies
The Grandiloquents
The Grandiose (Gals)

catslady said...

Still thinking lol.

The Grandcentralists
The Grandcentrals
The Grandcentral Gals
The Grandcentral Lasses

ok I'm done :)

tlnrwcs said...

Love From Grand Central Station
Riding Into Romance
The Choo-Choo Girls
Planes Trains And Romance
Romance from the Rails
The Boxcar Girls
The Engine Of Love
The Engineers Of Love
Conductors Of Love
Full Throtle Romance
Next Stop Romance

Stephe said...

Step into the...
Grand Central Women's Pullman Car
...and enjoy the romantic ride.


Grand Central Divamotive
Full steam ahead into Romantic Fiction! New name--same talent.

(What a great contest! You ladies rock.)

Stephe said...

Okay... as soon as I hit 'publish your comment,' another one hit me. LOL!

Romance Crossing--
Your connection to the Grand Central Women.

Now that I've got that off my chest... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love to love romance

Romance is BLOGGED

the pen is as mighty as the heart


Pam said...

Romancing at the Grand Central Depot

Grand Central Gals (Romance) Depot

GC Romance Gals Station Stop

Hot Romance at the GC Depot

Pam said...

GC Gals Romance Tracks

GC Gals Hot Romance at the Tracks

Polly said...

Ain't Love Grand

Author, Author! said...

I hate to say it, but Polly's nailed it. AIN'T LOVE GRAND is the perfect blog title.

LB at Author, Author!
...grumbling over the loss of books...::g::

Polly said...

Thank you ever so kindly!

Diana Holquist said...

Well, maybe Polly nailed it. Maybe not. It'll be up to our crack team of highly trained judges (who will try not to drink too many martinis before they choose a winner).

Ain't Love Grand is a super riff on another suggestion, earlier, Ain't It Grand. Which just goes to show that there might be some magic in the suggestions already made to make them better.

I still have a name in the back of my head that no one's suggested...although it might not beat Polly's...

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Kathy said...

* A Grand Affair
* Divas of Prose
* The Central Pen
* Grand Central Quill
* Up Town Quills
* Up Town Divas
* Grand Central Ink
* The Platform Pen
* A Railway Affair
* Diva Tracks
* Metro Quills

* Rails of Passion
* Boxcar Divas
* Switchback Romance
* The Quickening Pen
* The Legendary Pen
* Passion Rails Ink
* Platform Passion
* Platform of Love
* Paramount Ink
* A Principal Passion
* Heart of the Rails
* Hub of Passion
* Platform Hub
* Switchback Prose

jackietoo said...

The Grand Dames

(Grand Dame - definition - A respected woman having extensive experience in her field)

jackietoo said...

RE: last post

Oops! Just as I posted, I saw that Sharon had already done this one. Sorry for the rerun :Þ

robynl said...

Milestone Journeys
Lifetime of Dreams
Reflections of an Author

Anonymous said...

Title: Either The Grand Duchesses or The Grand Central Duchesses
Blurb: (Take on your existing blurb with an extra tagline) Welcome to the Group Blog from some of the Authors for Grand Central Publishing-Where Romance gets the Royal Treatment!

Stacy S said...

How about- Romance Central Station
Romance Central Park.

Polly said...

Let's Talk About Love

Polly said...

Headless Men & The Wemon Who Love them.

Diana Holquist said...

Ooh, ooh, Polly! You're a genius!

Wherever did you get that idea?

--Diana (who's rolling on the floor, laughing)

Anonymous said...

Blog Broads

Missy Sue said...

The Grand Scheme of Things....

Polly said...

The Pros of Prose

Stephe said...

Profusions of Grandeur

(I really like 42nd and Park, and Ain't Love Grand?)


jackietoo said...

I would vote for combining Polly's and Sharon's ideas. You could be the Grand Dames of the Ain't Love Grand blog.

Diana Holquist said...

Wow, that's an interesting idea. Would they have to fight it out over the hat?

Again, since it's not up to me, but to the judges (and I hear the Russian judge is a stickler and the French judge can be bribed, FYI), I'll pass the idea by them.

And keep the ideas coming. I know there's still one or two out there that could be magic...

Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 07
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Anonymous said...

All-A-Broads of Grand Central

Sherry Foley said...

Word Weaving Woman
Writerminded Whimsy
Whimsical Women Writers
Women of Wonderous Words
Whimsical Weavers
Women on writing
Woven words by women
Women in their Write minds
WOW-Women on Writing
WOW-Weavers of Words
Woven Words of Women
Sherry Foley WordWeaver@kc.rr.com

Polly said...

The Artists Formerly Known As Warner Women.

Michelle said...

Uptown Girls

That's all I got. And I know I'm not eligible.

Kimberly L said...

The Grand Flirts
Dabbling with the Grand Dames
Grand Dames Ramblings
The Romance Sisters
Grand Central Chatter
Romantic Musings
Chatter in the Attic
Running on Romance
Ink and Paper
Confessions of the Grand Dames
Grand Dames Escapades
Sinful Thoughts
In a Daze
Wicked Ladies of Grand Central

Diana Holquist said...

Oooh...now we're cooking with fire! These are hilarious. Polly, you're too much. And c'mon...who's anonymous? Elizabeth? Diane? Fess up...

Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 2007
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Polly said...

OK, I fess Blog Broads is something my hubby made up. I told him he could put it in. And he clicked it. Said he didn't want to be seen on a girly site. lol

Polly said...

The Love Shack and Tea Room

anne said...

Primo divas
Wily writers
Wicked Writers
Sweet Scribes
Saucy sweethearts
Dishy Divas
Devilish Divas
Bravo Babes
Crazy Chicks
Elegant Babes
Feisty Fiends
Jazzy Babes
Cute Chicks
Fushia Fillies
treasure tomes
teasing treasures
tiara treasures
Sweet scribblers

Polly said...

Sumptously Striking Skirts Speak.

Thats for the French judge..lol

ellie said...

Lusty Ladies
Literary ladies
Bookish Babes
Marvel mavens
Hustling Hussies
Veritable Vamps
Vivid Vamps
Book Haven
Metro Madames
Metro Missies
Lady Luck
Secret Sirens
Charming Chroniclers

Anya said...

G.L.O.W. aka

Gorgeous Ladies on the Web
Gorgeous Ladies of Warner

Warner Babes

Romantic Hussies

G.H.O.S.T aka
Gorgeous Hussies Or Sexual Temptresses

Blakey Girl said...

Ladies of the Write ...hehe get it..ladies of the night...sorry i crack myself up :o)

Anonymous said...

Grand Chicks
Grand Gals
Grand Central Gals
Grand Central Ladies
The Gals at Grand Central
Ladies of Grand Central

Polly said...

Who Ever Said Day Dreaming Couldn't Earn You A Living?

Polly said...

A Bunch of Gals Who Thought "It would be so easy just to write books."

Kathie said...

Grand Central Blog Nation is my choice.

stacy said...

The Whimsical Wenches of Grand Central

The Whimsical Wenches of GCP

Kerry said...

Romance Goddesses
Love Notoriosity Central
Love View Blog
Fall for Romance Blog
Blog The Romance Corner
Love Times Central
Grand Central Corner

Polly said...

Central To My Heart

marjclark said...

How about "Grand Dames"

hobbitjean said...

Romantic Reverie

Women Love Romane

Warning: Romance Reader

Starry Eyed Reader

I'll Read Romance

Romantic at Heart

bamabelle said...

Hmm, I'm not sure there are any names left lol. I'll give it a try though.

Weave a Wicked Word

Word Weavers

The Enchanted Quill

Grand Central Libations

The Grand Central Cafe

The Grand Central Coquets

The Grand Central Gamines

The Whistlestop

Grand Central Gabbers

Pen Pals

Princesses of the Pen

Queens of the Quill

The Creative Countesses

Plotting Princesses

Devils in the Detail
(sorry, I could not help that one lol.)

Station Secrets

Off The Tracks

The Bookstop

Writers of the Rail

The Scandal Sheet

The Railroad Heiresses

Hugs, Zara :)

Helen said...

Grand Central Dames

Helen said...

Women of Grand Central

Helen said...

Grand Dames of Grand Central

Chris Roberts said...

Transit Authority

sueob said...

Way Too Hotties of GCP

Polly said...

Meet the Women Who brought you the Cool Days, Blankets, A Cup of Hot Chocolate and a Good Book.

Polly said...

A Day in the Life

Lori Ann said...

The Glamorous Gabbers of Grand Central

Lori Ann said...

Bookish Babes
Literary Ladies at Grand Central

Pam said...

Boxcar Book Babes
Blog with the Boxcar Babes
Boxcar Babes Rail
Boxcar Babes Rag

carolanne said...

Hi all,

I would like to add:

Romance Express - keeping with the Grand Central Trail station theme.

Theresa N. said...

The Women of Romance Hub

Diana Holquist said...

Y'know...just when I think there's nothing left, someone comes along with something great. It's going to be REALLY hard to pick a winner.

Keep 'em coming. There's still a few more days!

You guys are the best.

Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 07
watch my book trailer videos!

bamabelle said...

Okay, here are a few more lol:

The Precocious Pen

Romance Prodigies

Prodigies of the Page

Flair for Fiction

Writers with Character :)

Darlings of the Depot

The Depot Darlings

The Depot Drafters

Imagination Station

Got Plot?

Foundresses of Fiction

Divas by Design

A Romance Revolution

Romancing the Reader

Hot off the Tracks

Engineered by Romance

Railway Romance

Grand Gamines

Hot Hobos (Okay, maybe not that one lol)

Hugs, Zara

Cindy Procter-King said...

Hey, there,

I'm not entering the blog-naming contest (too brain-fried), but want to ask... I'm looking to read some Warner/Central authors who have Michele Bidelspach as their editor, as I have an appt with Michele at National. The Warner books I have in my reading pile that thank their editor in the acknowledgements mention Melanie Murray.

Any Michele authors want me to buy their books? :) Please email me from my website or answer here. My TBR pile needs you!



Anonymous said...

contest suggestion - Relaxing Romance Reading Authors
Jane Squires - jrs362@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Grand Central Cafe.

(With an accent over the e!)


Mindy said...

How about:
Grand Central Groupies
Smart, Sexy Readers

Dannyfiredragon said...

The Sisterhood of the Grand Central Ladies


The Sisterhood of the Romantic Ladies

Kimberly L said...

Grand Central Hellions
Grand Central Divas
Jaunty Divas
Risky Escapades Blog
The Hissy Hussies (LOL)
Running With Romantic Notions
Grand Central Belles
Risque Darlings of Romance
Emotion in Motion
Grand Central Honeys

Laurie said...

"All Aboard"
Join the ladies of Grand Central Publishing as they depart for new horizons!

The "Grand Finale"
Light up your life with the Ladies of Grand Central Publishing

"Destination Discovery"
The place to go for adventure and romance!

"Simply Amazing"
The Ladies of Grand Central Publishing

"The Traveling Ladies"
Join the Ladies of Grand Central Publishing as they explore the world of romance!

The stop for the Ladies of Grand Central Publishing

The Railway Station
Stop and Visit on your journey into the world of romance..

“Journeys End”
Discover romance from the Ladies of GCP

Anonymous said...

Venus of words
Go-divas: writers of worlds
Transported: The women writers of Grand Central Publishing
Wit's end [perhaps overly popular]

Hawaiiimiloa said...

the last post above was mine....

marric said...

How about THe Party Line

Anonymous said...

How about Grand Book Writers Blog, from what I have read of your books they are grand

Gail said...

Grand Book Writers blog I was the one that was anonymous, and I was serious about the comment about your books being grand.

EdgesAngel23 said...

How about "Grand Central Book Divas"? And to Diana, if you really want some of us to send you book name suggestions, I'm game!!
Ashley A

Sarah McKerrigan said...

Sarah's husband here...
How about:


Polly said...

The Grand Parlor Room
The Writer's Couch

Polly said...

Grand Central Coffee House
The Lounge
The Lounge at Grand and Central

Polly said...

Sit a Chat a Spell

Diana Holquist said...

Hey, thanks Ashley. Next time, I'm going to get reader help for the title. This time (like all times) I wait too long and then my editor says, hey, we need a title FAST. Luckily, she always comes up with something brilliant. The next book after Sexiest Man Alive is going to be Hungry for More.

More what?

More blog names, baby!

We're announcing a winner on Friday, so any last entries, speak now.

The judges are fighing it out now (although new additions are always welcome...) and let me tell you, it's getting ugly. Think figure skating. Think pro wrestling.

No. Ugh. Don't think that.

Have a great day,

Make Me a Match, in stores now
Sexiest Man Alive, coming Oct 2007
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Polly said...

Centrally Speaking

Paty Jager said...

Ladies of Grand Central

Grand Central Romance Station

Grand Central Conductors of Romance

Polly said...

Illusions of Grandeur
Grand Vanities

Kimberly L said...

Grand Central Splendor
The Notorious Dames of Grand Central
Sugar and Spice, Romance is Nice
Romantic Whispers
Passions of Grand Central

Laurie said...

On Track
Bon Voyage
Pit Stop
Red Light District