Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Yes, mea culpa--my blog is late. But I have a good excuse... I was wandering along the beach with my mom, my husband, and my kids.

Okay, maybe that doesn't SOUND like a good excuse, not as good as, say, my house burned down or my malaria kicked up or I went into labor. But it was a very important walk on the beach.

You see, it was Mother's Day, and the planets happened to align this year. My kids came home from college for the weekend. My husband was on a rare reprieve from touring. And my mother, who lives eight hours away, chose this week to visit. The Pacific Ocean was calling, and I eagerly rounded up my family, abandoning my computer in search of the perfect tide pool.

Believe it or not, sometimes writing–whether it's a novel or a blog–isn't always the most important thing in the world to me. And that's probably as it should be.

After all, my Muse needs to be fed once in a while. And she likes nothing better than a healthy serving of real family values and the great outdoors.

Sometimes we writers get stuck behind our desks, staring at a sterile screen, waist-deep in research books when what we really need to spark our writing is a nice stroll on the beach with Mom.

How about you? How was your Mother's Day? Got any pictures you'd like to share?

Sarah McKerrigan...
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Cinematography--Richard Campbell
Song--"Rain" by Brynna Campbell


Michelle said...

Wonderful video, Sarah. Whenever I take a pic or video of my Mom I get the hand up "No, get that camera away from me!" LOL

Lois said...

Ours was fine. . . ah, well, we had an ice cream cake. ;)


Shari Anton said...

My Mom lives several states away, so we had a very nice, long chat on the phone. However, both of my adult children live near me, so we had several dear ones around the table for supper. And I didn't have to cook! :)