Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm beginning to think I'm a little nuts. This is my first day off (it's my birthday) on a whirlwind entire month of June book-signing tour of southern California. My fellow author, Karen Kay, and I have an itinerary that includes over 100 bookstores! If you can find a copy of KNIGHT'S PRIZE in southern California that HASN'T been signed, it'll be a miracle.

But that's not what makes it crazy. What makes it crazy is that I'm actually having a great time!

We're meeting lots of memorable booksellers, including a fire-dancing rock climber, a dude covered in tattoos, and a guy in a kilt, as well as loyal fans, new readers, and even other authors (Kathleen Givens stopped by one of our signings!).

We've named our GPS unit–Gail Penelope Storm. We don't always agree with her. She frequently scolds us with a snarky "when POSSIBLE, make a U-turn." Driving in southern California can be tricky. Not only is the gas expensive, but Gail Penelope doesn't know anything about the traffic patterns in L.A. We've learned about alternate routes and avoiding rush hour (that's the two three-hour periods around 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.).

We've also come up with a new slogan, "Where there's a mall, there's a Macy's." We're not allowed to spend more than our margarita budget on clothes. Okay, I'm kidding. We don't have an actual margarita budget–they have some weird rule about drinking and driving here.

Since we're both organic food buffs, we pack our lunch and/or dinner in the car. But we've discovered you can pretty much bring your own banquet into the Starbucks at the big bookstores, and nobody really cares. For my birthday, Karen bought me a gift card so I can spoil myself on iced coffee for the rest of the tour!

On the 17th, we're parting ways for a week. Karen is signing in Nevada, and I'm joining my husband on his tour bus in Connecticut, where I'm stopping by 15 bookstores between concerts. I'll report back on my rock-and-roll adventures next month!

But today, I'm off to the beach with my daughter to have a relaxing birthday.

(Check my website at www.sarahmckerrigan.com for the tour schedule, and stop by to say hi if you're in the area!)

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Ealasaid said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
I hope you had a great day and a wonderful year.

catslady said...

Happy Birthday!!

Diana Holquist said...

Happy B-day!

Wow, that book tour is truly impressive AND you found time to blog in the midst of it.

Let's hope those babies sail off the shelves.

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Shari Anton said...

Like Diana, I'm impressed! I'm getting tired just thinking about putting on all those miles and signing all those books! You go, girl! :)