Saturday, June 16, 2007


My name is Shari, and I am a reader.

This admission shouldn't surprise anyone, and everyone in this Cafe likely shares the same addiction. I'm also convinced not a one of us is looking for a cure. In fact, I'd be willing to wager that some of us (hand waving in the air!) would like to read more books in the time available to us for reading.

In one of the romance booklovers groups on MySpace, we're engaged in a June Challenge to decrease the height of our To Be Read stacks. So far I've read four books -- and I've purchased 8. Isn't this the way it always goes? Just when I think I'm making progress, I'm looking for more room to stack a few more books.

You'll notice that none of the books I've posted here are historical romance. I can read historical romance while I'm writing, and it's usually my preferred choice. However, we're working on that TBR pile, and some of these books have been there for awhile, so I decided they must come first. And I've enjoyed them all!

So now the question is, how do I get to read MORE in the time available? We have a two week vacation coming up, which would be a great time to get a bunch of books read. Except we're taking the Harley so there isn't much room to pack books, and I couldn't read anyway because of the bouncing (can't read in the car, either, for the same reason :-( ).

My friends tell me the answer is an iPod. And here I thought iPods were just for music!

I've listened to audio books before, usually in the car when I'm by myself and have a long distance to go. Not quite the same as reading, but close. With an iPod, so I understand, I can download an entire book.

So I think I might try this. No, it won't put any dent in my TBR pile, but I could read while on the back of the bike, cruisin' down the road, and that sounds pretty good to me.
Have any of you tried this? All helpful hints are welcome! Like, what books have you listened to that you thought were well done, and from what sites did you download from?

Shari Anton
TWILIGHT MAGIC, available only in book form, darn


Joan said...

Shari, I too have a big TBR pile. I don't like reading books in a series until I have all books involve. My family says I have enough books to start my own book store. Have a great vacation.

Shari Anton said...

I hear you about the series books, Joan. It's rather nice to read them all together. However, I usually can't bring myself to keep from reading #1 long before #2 comes out. Great excuse to re-read a book!

Thanks for the vacations wishes! Should be fun!

Carol said...

I also have a TBR pile I'm working on. Somehow though it never seems to get smaller!! lol

I read The Time Traveler's Wife and thought it was great! I read different kinds of books depending on the mood I'm in.

Shari Anton said...

As a reader, I loved TTW. As a writer, I was also impressed with how she kept all of the elements straight. She always knew where both characters were in Time. Awesome! I heard it'll be a movie. I hope they do the book justice!

Darla said...

Ohhh TTW sounds like another book for my TTB list! I've given up making my TBR pile smaller...its got over 300 books in it, and what can I say but I have to buy the ones coming out! BG!

Your question about audio books...yes I've tried it and it works really well when I walk, ride in the car, etc. I was using a cd player and getting my books off the Kansas Library site for free (I'm a KS resident and I don't know if non-residents can use the site). Then my husband got me a Creative Zen Vision M, 30 GB mp3 player. I can upload the books to it and I also joined So far from audible I am listening to Charlaine Harris', All Together Dead. I find it so much easier to exercise with a book instead of music, it also makes it go faster. Hope this helps!

Shari Anton said...

300 books? Whoa, I'm impressed! Thank you, Darla!! Now I have to check out Creative Zen,, and my local library!