Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Title Contest!

I need your help! We are deep in title hell for my new Order of the Blade series that’s coming out next summer (6/08, 8/08 & 10/08). So, since all you blog readers are so very brilliant, I’m going to run a little contest. Anyone who submits an idea in the comments will be entered in a drawing to win an autographed copy of DATE ME, BABY, ONE MORE TIME (the first book in my current series), and the person who submits the winning titles will get autographed copies of all three of the books in my current series AND an acknowledgement in the front of the books. I’ll leave the contest running until we pick a title, so please keep adding ideas when you come up with them. We are looking for three titles that go together (maybe share a common word or play off each other) that denote the sexiness of the series (it’s very sexy!) as well as the dark and dangerous nature of it.

Series Concept: The Order of the Blade is an elite group of nine Calydon warriors whose mission is to protect innocents from rogue Calydons. All Calydon warriors have a black brand on their forearm in the shape of an ancient weapon that is theirs to call out during battle. Immortal, they are destined to die by violence. Every Calydon warrior has a sheva, the one woman who is his soulmate. But the moment he meets her and bonds with her, they are destined to destroy each other and everything they care about. No Calydon can afford to meet his sheva, and no Calydon can resist her once he does.

Book #1 Overview: Baden (his weapon is a sword) has spent his life adhering ruthlessly to his Order oath, only to suddenly find himself faced with his sheva, the woman who destiny ordains will bring him down and possibly the entire Order. Meghan needs Baden to find her missing sister, who has been kidnapped by the same man who is murdering other Order members for a very dark and deadly purpose. Each moment Meghan and Baden spend together tightens their bond and sends them closer toward their fate, but they need each other’s help to defeat their enemy, so they can’t afford to separate. Their only hope is to prevail before destiny tightens the noose and forces them to destroy each other and everything they care about.

Book #2 Overview: After spending two years imprisoned by a sociopathic Calydon, Lily Davenport has finally been freed after his death…only to find herself being stalked by her captor’s partner, a far more evil and dangerous man who needs Lily to accomplish his goals. Lily must rely on Gideon (double-sided throwing axe), the Calydon warrior who killed her own grandmother, if she has any hopes of staying alive long enough for the Order to bring down the man stalking her…and if they don’t stop him, the ultimate evil will be released from the prison that’s held him for two thousand years, bringing death and destruction upon the world.

Book #3 Overview: Calydon warrior Hecktor (throwing star) has spent the last five hundred years trying to stay ahead of a tortured past that is always threatening to push him over into the edge of insanity. But when he is taken captive by a man who knows his past and preys on it to break him mentally, Hecktor descends into a world where he can no longer tell reality from fiction, where he is constantly haunted by horrors from his past, and new ones that are inflicted on him daily. Everyone becomes the enemy, and the honorable and reputable warrior he fought so hard to become is lost in the mire that used to be his mind. But the ultimate evil, Bezoar, has escaped from prison, and Hecktor is the only one who can stop him. But Hecktor is so torn apart mentally that he’s useless…except when he’s in the presence of Kendra Baxter. When she touches him, the bond between them clears his mind, giving him sanity and the ability to function. But Kendra is an Illusiionist who represents his brutal past, and she’s also the woman who has been used to torture him during his last few weeks in captivity. Kendra is Hecktor’s worst nightmare, but she’s also his only sanity in a world that’s sliding out of his control. He has to stay with her in order to stay grounded enough to have a chance at defeating Bezoar, yet every minute in her presence threatens to send him into insanity forever.

Please let me know if you need clarification on the series or concepts. I’m so excited to see what you guys come up with! My editor definitely wants a sexy/romance element for the titles, so anything about only weapons is out.


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Sonja Foust said...

This sounds like a really fun series! My suggestions:

Bond of the Sword
War of the Axe
Fire of the Star

Darla said...

Sword of Calydon
Axe of Calydon
Star of Calydon

Dannyfiredragon said...

The Wicked Axe
Tempting the Sword
Star of Destiny

Kimberly L said...

Dark and Deadly
Death and Destruction
Edge of Insanity and Temptation

Baden's Blade
Lily's Axe
Hector's Star

HelenK said...

Hunted by Love
Captured by Love
Maddened by Love

Hunt for Love
Kill for Love
Tortured for Love / Mad for Love

Kimberly L said...

Ruthless Warrior
Dangerous Warrior
Honorable Warrior

Anonymous said...

The Blade’s Desire
The Blade’s Temptation
The Blade’s Seduction

Anonymous said...

The Blade’s Rapture
The Blade’s Demand
The Blade’s Surrender

Darla said...

Another couple of titles:

Blade of Purpose
Axe of Salvation
Star of Reason

Kimberly L said...

Dark Champion
The Devil's Cause
Beloved Enemy

Darla said...

Blade of Truth
Axe of Sorrow
Star of Reality

Calydon of Truth
Calydon of Sorrow
Calydon of Reality

Truth of Love
Sorrow of Love
Reality of Love

Blade of Honor
Axe of Freedom
Star of Forever

Darla said...

Loving Honesty
Loving Torment
Loving Insanity

Stephanie Rowe said...

These are great!!! Thank you all so much!!! I have sent them on to my editor!! Keep 'em coming!!!

Darla said...

Lovers Bond/Oath/Ordained
Lovers Stalked/Regret
Lovers Prey/Clarity

This series sounds great, I can't wait to read them.

helenk said...

Pursuing Passion
Defending Desire
Chasing Chaos

Darla said...

Loves Edge
Loves Danger
Loves Insanity

jackietoo said...

Bonds of Desire
Escape to Love
A Passionate Madness

jackietoo said...

A Warrior's Bond
A Warrior's Quest
A Warrior's Destiny

jackietoo said...

Passion's Bond
Passion's Quest
Passion's Destiny

ChristyJan said...

Blade of the Sword
Blade of the Axe
Blade of the Star

jackietoo said...

Love's Dawning
Love's Quest
Love's Triumph

Darla said...

The Warrior's Blade
The Warrior's Axe
The Warrior's Star

Blade Warrior
Axe Warrior
Star Warrior

A Blade for Meghan
An Axe for Lily
A Star for Kendra

Blade Warrior's Woman
Axe Warrior's Woman
Star Warrior's Woman

Find The Woman
Save The Woman
Love The Woman

Edge of the Blade
Edge of the Axe
Edge of the Star

Meghan's Warrior
Lily's Warrior
Kendra's Warrior

Baden's Woman
Gideon's Woman
Hecktor's Woman

Love's Beginning
Love's Betrayal
Love's Illusion

Please excuse any duplicates!

Darla said...

Branded Blade
Branded Axe
Branded Star

The Blades Call
The Axes Call
The Stars Call

Branded Heat
Branded Sin
Branded Lust