Sunday, July 01, 2007

Elizabeth Answers Reader Mail

The other day, whilst going through e-mail from readers, I received this most excellent question:

Dear Elizabeth,
In your opinion, which male movie star has the best mouth to gaze at (clearly you have given mouths some thought)?
--A Devoted Fan

Glad you asked, DF! I have indeed spent time (some would say too much time) considering male mouths and what makes them aesthetically pleasing. In my learned opinion, a certain plumpness lends appeal. Let us consider Mr. James Purefoy:

Whoops! Mr. Purefoy appears to be nude. But do try to concentrate on his lips. Note the full bottom lip and sensuous curve of the upper. Mr. Purefoy wins special bonus points in this particular pic for the suggestiveness of his smirk.

Let us also consider Mr. Ioan Gruffudd, whose name is nearly impossible to spell correctly:

And whilst we are on the subject of Mr. Gruffudd, I'd like to make an appeal to movie directors everywhere: Can we all agree that Mr. Gruffudd looks better with scruff? Examine the following.
With scruff:

without scruff:

Or, y'know, you all can stop casting him in dorky roles. Whichever.
Where was I?

Oh, yes, plump lips. Keep in mind that too full lips on a man can turn horribly wrong--cf: Mr. Mick Jagger (shudder.)

It is important to point out that making a careful study of male movie star lips can, in fact, be detrimental. The other day whilst watching the BBC drama/mystery series, Wire in the Blood, I became so distracted by the curve of Mr. Robson Green's upper lip that I nearly missed the fine reasoning that led to the killer's denouement.

Note that Mr. Green's lips actually run counter to my previous argument re: plump lips. His are in fact rather thin. However, I believe the puckish lines of his upper lip more than make up for any loss of plumpness.

Finally, let us consider the sad case of a terribly talented actor who has no lips at all:

I am so sorry, Mr. Branagh.


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