Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Daydreaming

A few days ago, I read a small blurb in the paper about a private birthday party that some local man was planning. Now, today the country is going to celebrate its special day with fireworks and concerts and barbeques. But this fellow is going to have Eric Clapton play for him and 200 of his closest friends. (I live the suburbs of New York City, so there is serious money kicking around here. Hedge funds, which from I can gather means you sit down at a desk and money spills down from the heavens. Gobs of it.) The cost for one hour of rock 'n roll? $1 million for Clapton, $1 million for Clapton's charity.

So, one of my friends and I started thinking about what WE would have as a dream birthday celebration, if money were no object. Now, Eric Clapton ain't half bad! But as we both write Regency-set historicals, we came up with a more romantic idea. (Let me confess right now that we are both big fans of Dancing With the Stars.)

We decided that for us, the ultimate evening would be throwing a birthday ball at Chatsworth, the legendary country estate of the Duke of Devonshire. There would be glittering candles, masses of flowers, an orchestra, lobster patties, our friends dressed in swanky satin and silks . . . and Apolo Anton Ono, resplendid in his formal evening attire, to waltz with us until the wee hours.

That I would pay a million bucks for. Gladly.

So, as the fireworks fill the sky today, what would you all come up with for a fantasy birthday bash?

Cheers, Andrea

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Darla said...

I would like to be suprised with a 65 Mustang (RED) and a month off and the money to take a road trip to several of the places in the states I've always wanted to see.