Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Elizabeth's Fritz the Dog Update

Time for an update on Fritz the dog. As you remember (or perhaps you don't, but flow with me anyway) Fritz is my middle and least-smart dog. Here is a photo of Fritz. He's looking guilty, which is pretty much his default look:

Fritz was an impulse buy on my part. I went to the Humane Society (which my husband has now banned me from) one day and there was Fritz sitting in the middle of the puppy cages. All around him were incontinent babies and Fritz was looking kind of depressed at his lifestyle. When he saw me he put his paw on the cage door as if to say, for god's sake get me out of here. So I did.

Fritz was met with mixed reviews back at my house. Max, our eighty-pound big black dog, sat on Fritz a couple of times to establish his dominance and after that was cool. Pickle, the sixteen-pound (she needs to diet) rat terrier, figured she had another subject to rule over, so she was pretty happy. My kids thought Fritz was cute, but kind of whiny. And my husband thought Fritz was very whiny. In fact, he took to calling Fritz a panty-waist and Mama's boy.

And then we had our first thunderstorm.

My other dogs could care less if it's thundering outside. Fritz, it turned out, was terrified of thunder. He trembled all over and hid. And the one place in all the house that Fritz, that not-too-bright dog, figured he was safe was under my husband's chair. That's right, the man who called him a panty-waist was going to save him from a lightning bolt.

It's been a couple of years since Fritz joined our family. My husband doesn't call him a panty-waist anymore. The other day I nearly tripped over Fritz. He was standing directly behind my husband gazing up at him worshipfully as hubby got a glass of water in the kitchen.

Hubby turned and caught me scowling down at Fritz. Hubby got a insufferably smug expression on his face. "I think he likes me."

And then he left the kitchen . . . trailed by Fritz.



Megan Crane said...

Aw... he's so cute!

I have also been banned from the Humane Society, because if it were up to me, I would literally have about 50 pets...

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

This is the sad, not-widely-told fact about the Humane Society: it leads to pet adoption addiction.

catslady said...

I've never been allowed there lol but my husband got one of our dogs and one of our cats there. At the moment we have 7 cats (ferals and strays) and my husband gave approval and/or even instigated getting them. He likes to act like he's only a dog man but I know the truth lol.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Oh, good thing you don't visit the Humane Society, Catslady! Our local shelter is overrun with adorable kittens, sweet tabbies and cuddly calicos. If I wasn't deathly allergic to cats . . .