Sunday, August 26, 2007

You! In a book!

Have you always imagined being a character in a book? Now's your chance!

Fellow Grand Central Publishing author Lani Diane Rich and I are offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance at getting your name in a book on our Will Write for Wine podcast.

Enter our Word of Blog contest and one lucky winner will have a character named after then in the book Lani’s working on right now!

And here’s how you do it:

1. Blog about Will Write for Wine, including a link to the website.

2. Email us ( with a link to your website.

3. You’re entered to win!

You! Yes, you in a book! How can you pass that up? Enter now!

Samantha Graves


Diana Holquist said...

Cool idea, guys.

If I enter, can I be really, really sexy? And maybe a brain surgeon? Who rides a Harley? With her Brad Pitt-look-alike husband?

Or is that too close to the real me?


Sam said...

LOL It might be too close, Diana. ;D Still, enter!!


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Dear Ms. Graves,
I am looking forward to entering your blog contest and hope I will win so that you will name a character after me in your upcoming book.

Yours Very Sincerely,
Oswald J. Brainfart

Diana Holquist said...

I just woke up my kids I laughed so loud.

Oh, Elizabeth, you just made my night...


Sam said...

Elizabeth, you are a riot! I do believe this might be Lani's biggest fear. LOL!