Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Join the Slacker Club

Or perhaps I should call us Slackers Anonymous?

Hello, my name is Susan and I'm a Slacker. There. I've said it.

I openly admit to letting the duties of daily life slip by while I indulge in a novel that makes me feel way better than cooking or clean clothes ever did. I DO sit at my computer and polish my fingernails instead of writing. I munch Cheetos instead of exercising. I elect to sweep up the dog hair when it reaches levels that threaten our health, instead of routinely brushing the dog. I sit on the swing in my back yard and listen to the crickets when I should be unloading the dishwasher. I have to put in twenty hour days as my book deadline approaches because I wanted to spend more time thinking about my story than writing it.

But to be perfectly honest, I don't really think I want to do anything about it. I like being a Slacker. (Ooh, so Slackers Anonymous probably wouldn't be the best choice after all.) Since my children are grown and my husband should be able to take care of himself, none of my slackerness affects anyone but me.

That said, I'm going to try to eliminate my one slacker-activity that might affect other people. I started this new policy a few weeks ago, and so far, I'm sticking with it. I, the self-admitted Slacker that I am, will not use drive through windows. I will not sit in the ninety degree heat letting my car engine run, burning up gas and polluting the air to get my Diet Coke. I will not clog up the line at the drive-thru pharmacy when there are mothers with sick children needing to pick up medicine. I will actually locate a parking place (which are normally within fifty feet of the door I need to enter) and drag my lazy self out of the car and walk inside.

The results have been surprising, really. Not only do I feel better, I sometimes make it in and out before the guy who was ahead of me in the drive up line at Starbucks even gets to order his coffee. I admit it. I'm feeling pretty smug as I leave with my latte.

Now don't get me wrong. I intend to stick with the rest of my Slacker ways ... at least for now.


Diana Holquist said...

I promise to stop reading and commenting on blogs when I'm supposed to be finishing a manuscript...

Oh, shoot...blew that one already. I might as well head to Starbucks...


Susan Crandall said...

I'm right behind you, Diana!


catslady said...

I'll join that slacker club with you :)