Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer reading . . . and beyond by Andrea Pickens

Though summer doesn’t officially end until the middle of September, this past weekend traditionally marks the end of the season. I always find it strange how talk of reading seems to fade along with the suntans. The hype of “beach books” and “summer reads” only happens in for three months . . .as if we don’t turn the pages in other months.

I’m not a big one for roasting in the sun anymore, so sitting in the sand isn’t my idea of how to enjoy a book. I’d much rather curl up in front of a cozy fire. I also find the shorter days of winter also are more conducive to reading than summertime, maybe because as a child I would read late into the night with book and flashlight hidden under the covers. But that said, I don’t find that the seasons affect my reading habits at all. I read rain or shine, hot or cold, light or dark.

So I’m wondering: does anyone else have a favorite season for reading? Does anyone NOT read during certain times of the year? And does the season affect your choice of subjects


catslady said...

I'm like you. I read anything at any time and I always read at night. I never understood the "beach read." Sounded like you didn't dare get a book that would make you think if you were at the beach lol.

Kate Diamond said...

I, too, will read any season, any time. Theoretically, I love the idea of getting warm each winter with cocoa, a blanket, and a romance novel.

This is something I do on a regular basis.

Then again, I also love laying outside over the summer, smelling the grass and enjoying the sun while I read (you guessed it) a romance novel.

Laurie said...

I too read year round... any spare time goes to a good book. Book choice varies with my mood, not seasonal as I live in Florida.