Friday, November 02, 2007

Do Romance Readers Like a Different Sort of Man? by Diana Holquist

When you write a book called Sexiest Man Alive you spend more time than most thinking about what makes a man sexy. But now, with the People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue just days away (November 16th!), I’m doing more than thinking. I’m polling.

So far, with almost 800 votes counted, who do romance readers think should be People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2007..?

Hint: “…eat hearty…for tonight…we dine…IN HELL!!!”

Or should that be in Hades, all you history buffs?

Yes, Gerard Butler, the shirtless Spartan from 300 is so far ahead in the poll, it’s, well, it’s as if he has an army behind him.

But here's the really interesting thing: The usual suspects—Clooney, Pitt, Depp, Damon—they hardly show at all.

Which is making me wonder, do romance fans like a different sort of man from most of the female population? What do you think sets romance fans apart in their appraisal of sexy men? Who do you think should be People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?

There’s still time to vote in this unofficial, yet very scientific poll.


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Clive! Clive! Clive!

Hey, I just now noticed that you can vote as many times as you like and Diana won't know the difference! I suspect Gerard fans of stuffing the voting box.

Diana Holquist said...

Oooh...them thars fightin' words!

Did you hear that, Butler Army? Grease those pecs and put on your body armor.

But sadly, no. If you look up top of the box, it's set to take your vote only once. So it'll click through to show results, but it'll say, "thank you, we have already counted your vote." Has something to do with cookies (and milk?) that I don't understand.

Unless those Gerard maniacs hacked the poll...They'll stop at nothing!

Eat Hearty......!

Oh, sorry. I get all worked up. Gotta go lie down now...

Annie Solomon said...

I'm kind of agreeing with the stuffing-the-ballot-box theory. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with Gerard Butler...Maybe the Cloonys and Pitts et al are too overexposed at this point and Butler has more mystery. Personally, I'd vote for Ben Browder of Farscape fame, but he isn't even on the list...

Diana Holquist said...

Oh, ye naysayers. Don't say I didn't warn you when the Butler Army comes knocking at your door in full regalia, prepared to die for honor, glory, and their man, Gerry.

But really, try it; you can only vote once.

The Vegas odds are on Matt Damon. I'm still pulling for David Beckham. And Ben Browder...?

I gotta go look him up.

Cory said...

I'm all for the awesome Butler, but he won't get the People pick.
I'm going with Diana, Matt Damon is the likely pick.

danetteb said...

Clive for me, his voice and his sexy older man visage.Yum.

KingCrimson said...

Do you want to know more about Italy and his political class?

JOYE said...

these polls always seem to leave out my favorite-Andy Garcia WOW

Kelley St. John said...

Of those on the list, Gerard gets my pick -- but if I could have a Hugh Jackman in there, well, then -- now we're really talking :)


Diana Holquist said...

Hi Kelley.

Hugh has five votes in the "other" category. So vote away for him. They all count.

Andy Garcia is a new one. He hasn't registered yet.

Isn't it interesting how we all have our own personal favs...?