Thursday, November 01, 2007

Elizabeth Answers Her Mail!

A suggestion has been made that I spend entirely too much time on this blog obsessed with beefcake and that I will use the thinnest excuse possible to post pics of sexy guys. To which I reply, "Pshaw! I merely study the male form the better to write Insightful, Deeply Sensitive books about Love."

Which brings me to today's mail:

Dear Ms. Hoyt,
I've noticed that you often describe your heroes as having deep, gravelly, or otherwise very sexy voices. I wonder if you might give me an example of actors that, in your opinion, have sexy voices.
An Insightful And Deeply Sensitive Reader

Glad you asked, AIADSR! I often take note of actors who have an especially beautiful voice. For example, recently I was watching the second season of ROME, which frankly is just a tad depressing, what with the murders, rape, and not much male nudity, and I noticed how lovely Kevin McKidd's voice is. Note: because sound is hard to post on blogs, I have been forced to post Kevin's pic. Those of you tired of male pulchritude will simply have to avert your eyes.

There. Wasn't that bracing?

Then there is Paul Blackthorne, who plays the title character in THE DRESDEN FILES which, apparently, has been cancelled. DRESDEN FILES Producers take note: had you simply found reason to take off Mr. Blackthorne's shirt, I feel sure you would still be employed today.

Sometimes a male actor's voice can be so appealing that it steals the show, so to speak. I found this to be the case with Liev Schreiber when he had a secondary part in LEOPOLD AND KATE, a movie that had a multitude of problems, not least among them, Meg Ryan's hair.

Finally, I come to perhaps the most perfect male voice of all, a voice so deep, so gravelly, so utterly sexy women have been known to be reduced to puddles of lust when he reads from the vacuum cleaner manual:



Libby Loo said...

Oh, hell yeah! A sexy, gravely voice goes a long way in my book. Keifer Sutherland's voice makes my toes curl. Love him!

Can I also add Gerard Butler? Add major eyes rolling into the back of my head and a few other unmentionable symptoms to the toe-curling when I hear that voice (or imagine him shirtless)! RAWR!

Another honorable mention is Jeremy Sisto, who sadly has not been in enough movies for my taste.

Susan Crandall said...

Oh Elizabeth, you totally crack me up!!!

Kudos to your post. And I second the Gerard Butler sentiment posted above.

Kelley St. John said...

I'll third Gerard Butler in 300. Every time he said, "My Queen," I melted. Melllllllltttteeddddd.

Need to go watch the movie...again ;)


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

OMG! My Eldest watched PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for a geography class extra credit (???--this seemed very strange to me) and I couldn't get the songs out of my head for days! Mr. Butler definitely has a lovely voice.

catslady said...

Patrick Stewart, Russell Crowe, James Earl Jones, Yul Brynner...any accent is an added plus.

Diana Holquist said...


Did you use the word "pulchritude" in this post?

If that's not expressing your purely scholarly interest in the subject matter, I don't know what is.

In fact, I think that Google searches for "pulchritude" rank right up there with searches for "Gerard Butler without a Shirt."

I see no pandering whatsoever. Please, proceed as necessary.


Michelle Rowen said...

I'm all for pulchritude. Bring on the pulchritude.

Keifer definitely has the best voice. I'm not sure if Leonard Cohen is well known in the States but his songs and spoken poetry usually lead me to fan myself wildly with an available magazine.

I was watching Alien: Resurrection the other day for lack of anything else to watch and this actor...Michael Wincott...has to take the prize, hands down, for having a very distinct gravelly voice that still manages sex appeal.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Patrick Stewart and Russell Crowe, Catslady! How could I forget them.

Hey, we historical writers sling about those $2 words like pulchritude all the time, Diana. Just the other day I used saturnine in a sentence--and I'm pretty sure it made sense, too.

Is Alien: Resurrection the one where everyone dies, Michelle? 'Cause I gotta say that was a downer film.

Michelle Rowen said...

I think everybody dies in each of the Alien movies. This was the one in which they had to clone Sigourney Weaver because she died horribly in the previous one.

Good times for all.

MaryF said...

Clive Owen. I love me a deep voice ;) There are some actors who just don't do it for me because of the voice, like the boy who was in The Fast and the Furious. Beautiful boy, bleh voice.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Ooo! Clive Owen! You can go vote for him in Diana's Sexiest Man contest! Although Gerard does have a nice voice, too . . . I suspect that voters aren't really thinking about VOICES when they vote anyway.

HelenK said...

Christian Bale. I love Howl's Moving Castle and am happy to watch it every day (for my children, of course) but (and don't tell the boys or my DH) I think the real reason I love it, is because I'm a little in love with Howl aka Christian. I love all his scenes.

This may explain why I bought Batman Begins on DVD for my DH last year....

Michele said...

I have to vote for Gerard Butler on this. He has such a deep, sultry, sexy voice-with a Scottish accent.

Other than in a towel on a book cover--what more could a girl ask for?

Wait-don't answer that here!