Wednesday, November 28, 2007


No, I'm not talking about saving the cheerleader (though I could. Is that a fascinating show or what?). I'm talking about coming up with and visualizing a hero for my books--especially now that I'm writing for young adults (see ).

I have to ask myself: Is what seems attractive to me as er, well, une femme d'un certain age the same as what might be attractive to the girls who will be reading my books next year? I guess it doesn't matter, because hey, it's my imagination, right? So, here for your reading pleasure are the contemporary stars who inspired my teenage heroes. Because here on this blog, we can cast whoever we want for our books.

So, for It's All About Us, I cast Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester in The CW's Supernatural, as Kaz Griffin, the boy next door:

Playing against him, as the heroine's rascally boyfriend Callum McCloud (who doesn't deserve her), I have Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights:

And finally, even though he doesn't have a character to play, I still want him on the set. So Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural, gets to walk on as many times as he wants:

Sigh. I love my job. Truly.

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Diana Holquist said...

Hey Shelley.

Man (or should I say "boy"?), you've been busy!

What an exciting new twist to your career. Your books and your website look fantastic.

I never had a boy next door who looked like that, though.


Shelley Adina said...

No, me neither. So with these books, I'm giving myself everything I was deprived of as a teenager. Heh heh.


Georgie Lee said...

That's what's so great about fiction, you can create the world you want. I say give yourself everything you were deprived of as a teen :-)

MaryF said...

3 of my FAVORITE actors!!

I've used Jensen and Jared as models for heroes, in fact. Maybe I can find a role for Taylor in my next book.....