Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Insane? You talkin' to ME?????

I do adore the Christmas holiday season. It's the only time of year I can tolerate shopping (believe it or not, there are women on this planet who abhor shopping). But when I get to look for those gifts that will tell my special people just how special they are ... well, it becomes so much less painful -- one could almost say, pleasurable.

HOWEVER, this year I combined the holiday with a December 15 book deadline. And yes, I agreed to this deadline willingly, there was no gun to my head (although now I do realize I was suffering from some sort of Superwoman dementia). Naturally, this book gave me much more trouble during its gestational period and the labor of delivery was exceedingly painful. I'm sure if this deadline had been sometime in the winter doldrums of February and March in Indiana, it would have been an easy-breezy delivery of the most perfect peice of work I've ever written. But like all things worthwhile, this one required some suffering. Time will tell if SEEING RED grows up to be every writer's dream child, outperforming all of my other books -- of if she'll go out there and tear up the world, perhaps ending up on the cover of a tabloid. As with all mother's of new offspring, I'm hoping for the best.

And believe me, I've learned my lesson. I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN.

P.S. Thanks to all of the other authors who posted the yummy photos to soothe my sould as I struggled through this process. (Especially those of my current favorite, Gerard Butler!!)

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Shari Anton said...

LOL, Susan! Superwoman is a myth, thank goodness. If she truly existed we might have to emulate her, but since she's a myth, I can more easily ignore her. And I do.