Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Going against type

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Hugh Jackman. The non-smiling, broody, non-Broadway Hugh Jackman is the inspiration for my vampire hero, Thierry de Bennicoeur, from my "Immortality Bites" series.

That's how I like 'em. Fictional heroes, that is. Broody. Dark. Devastatingly handsome. Humorless to an extent. Usually suicidal in some way -- or at the very least, with a big old death wish. It's my weakness. I want my heroines to save these troubled men and bring light into their dark lives. I've noticed that it's a theme in my writing.

I've made exceptions for Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, and several others who look good scowling and angry before they take the heroine in their arms. Hugh hasn't had a problem sharing my imagination with any of them.

However, I've been seeing another man on the side. An actor, of course. He's completely different than my usual "type." He's shorter, not ripped-with-muscle, and he's young. I prefer heroes over thirty. This one definitely isn't.

Damn you, James McEvoy. You had me at the library scene. Why do you have to be so cute? So intense? So passionate? Such a good actor? Is it possible for you to be in a movie where everything works out really well for everyone involved instead of this literary, well-reviewed, but exhausting stuff? Might I suggest...a comedy? As much as I love you (don't tell Hugh) I am weary of your highly intense, passionate, deep movies. I need popcorn. A happy ending. You deserve it. I deserve it. However, I will still see anything you're in. Even if you're half-goat in it.

Let's do lunch. I think I love you.

Please tell me about your celebrity crush -- that might fall outside of the typical tall, dark and handsome... :-)


Diana Holquist said...

Oooh....Michelle! I'm telling Hugh!

Me, I like the goofy/silly/funny men (who are still, of course, stirringly handsome).

And wouldn't you know, I write romantic comedy. Maybe that's why I can't write deep, moody stuff--I'm motivated by the wrong kind of guy.

My next book's hero is based on Hugh Grant, without the accent. But can you have Hugh Grant without the accent...?


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

No! You cannot have Hugh Grant without the accent, Diana! Also, you cannot have him without the charmingly messed up hair.

I've been watching BROTHERHOOD, so my newest crush is Jason Isaacs...tho he doesn't exactly go against the tall dark and handsome type.

Megan Crane said...

Is it wrong that I just can't bring myself to see Atonement? It just looks way too depressing-- and mama likes her happy endings.

Barbara Vey said...

I think I miss a lot of good actors because I won't see sad, depression movies. I loved Enchanted.

But in books, yes, dark, brooding, tortured. They need to be saved and I'm available. :g:

I've never seen that first picture of Hugh Jackman before, but let me say...I like it a lot. Oh, mama.

Michelle Rowen said...

Megan... if you want an HEA, then this ain't the movie for you. That said, it is well worth seeing and has stayed with me for a week now.

Barbara... that is one of my favorite pics of Hugh. Raowrr...

Susan Crandall said...

Oh Michele, I would have known you'd written this even if I hadn't seen your name! I'm totally in your rollercoaster -- tall, brooding, needing a woman to save their heart ... and soul. I'm also on the James McEvoy train -- which is really hard for a tall girl like me! But oh that suffering. He's just soooo good at it.

Megan -- avoid Atonement like the plague -- you'll cry for days.

Anonymous said...

Ummm - that's:
"Even if you're a FAWN in it."

A Fawn.

And I do believe I loved Mr. Tumnus first.