Friday, January 11, 2008

My New Year's Revolution

I've foolishly bought into it again. Whether it's the superwoman hype on TV or the diets in women's magazines or those naggy gym membership specials, January is barraging me with the need to constantly improve my life.

Is it even possible to do all the things the experts advise? Let's see.

Here are my average daily requirements just to get by:
Showering and getting dressed–30 minutes
Cleaning house–30 minutes
Watering the garden–30 minutes
Preparing meals–60 minutes
Eating meals–60 minutes
Driving somebody somewhere–60 minutes
Doing laundry–30 minutes
Answering mail and e-mail and paying bills–30 minutes

Okay, that's already five and a half hours.

Now let's factor in all those things I'm supposed to do to be healthier, happier, and well-adjusted:

Exercise–30 minutes
Buy fresh groceries daily–30 minutes
Meditate–20 minutes
Get a bit of sunshine for Vitamin D–10 minutes
Network with business partners and/or friends–30 minutes
Walk the dog–30 minutes
Spend time with the family–60 minutes

That's an additional three and a half hours, for a total of nine hours. Add in a solid eight hours for a good night's sleep, and you have 17 hours. Most people work eight hours a day, so that leaves...

Hmm. Twenty-five hours. That's right. You need a 25-hour day just to meet the requirements for today's new and improved existence. That doesn't even take into account any extras such as facial exercises, coaching soccer, or becoming politically active. There's not even time to go to PTA meetings. Or have sex.

I suppose some things might be doubled up–walking the dog to the grocery store, meditating in the car on the way to work, but can sleeping really be considered family time?

I suggest we decide we're already doing enough. Anyone want to join me in my New Year's Revolution?

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Shari Anton said...

I hear you, Sarah! I finally took myself off several email loops this year. Each one proposed that the loop would only take a couple of minutes a day -- true, except multiply by X loops to get final time drain! I no longer have a garden, so grocery shopping takes me longer. Since I'm on a diet, I've dropped eating time to 45 minutes, giving exercise the extra 15. I live in the North, so I need 20 minutes for Vit D -- 10 just isn't enough. Problem is, I have to drive South (several hours) to find the sunshine! And might I suggest you cross Cleaning and Laundry off your schedule. In it's place should be READING!! :)


Georgie Lee said...

I tend to chuck things like chores and gardening to make up the extra hours. The dust bunnies might be running amuk but I don't care. Maybe they'll learn to help out around the house :-)

Diana Holquist said...

HA! Fresh food! Clean houses! Exercise!

That is too funny.

Sheesh, if I did all that, how would I ever fit in my three hours of surfing the internet every day leaving random comments on blogs?



Susan Crandall said...

Oh too right. All of this self-improvement leads to stress .. and that can't be good for us, can it?? I'm all for self-indulgence and sloth. It's much better for writer's anyway.