Saturday, January 26, 2008

Speaking of addictions…

Since we are on the subject of addictions, I have a few of my own to fess up to. So here are my addictions (and my total justifications.)

Addiction: Good wine.
What I tell my doctor: Wine had enormous health benefits for your heart and cholesterol.
The truth: Wine is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get. So it's like a little adventure in every bottle. Plus it makes me happy.

Addiction: Peanut M&M's
What I tell my co-workers: It's a good, healthy energy boost.
The truth: Hello! Chocolate and peanuts! Duh!

Addiction: Aragorn

What I tell men: He's a fascinating, well-drawn character with a powerful yet sympathetic arc.
What I tell women: OHMYGOD! I LOVE THAT MAN!

Addiction: Bubbleshooter
What I tell myself: While I'm blasting little bubbles hundreds of times, my mind wanders into uncharted territory, and my muse comes alive.
What my muse knows: It's total procrastination.

Addiction: Mani-Pedi's
What I tell my husband when he gets the charge card bill: It increases flow of blood to my hands and feet. Which is good.
The truth: Ooooo bubbles, aaaaaaa massage, oh yeah….I wish I had wine…

Hey if those are my worse addictions, then I think I'm doing okay. How about you guys?

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Carolyn said...

My addictions:
-- anything dark chocolate
-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD
-- The Cajun sausage breakfast at my favorite restaurant.

I have no rationalizations for them either. I'm just addicted!

Shari Anton said...

Since I already did a whole blog on the Sudoku thing, I won't bother to rationalize the rest of my addictions :).

We share two, Samantha.
M&Ms - can't write without them. Aragorn - I could watch those movies over and over and -- okay, I'll stop.

andrea pickens said...

Having sampled three chardonnays last night (all in the name of a serious educational experience, I assure you) I would have to say that wine is definitely good. Healthy? Well, in moderation.

As for chocolate, I tend to favor Swiss Lindt over M&Ms . . . is anyone else addicted to those yummy truffle cake bars?

As for other addictions, when I get down, I always pick up Pride & Prejudice— reading JA's wit and wisdom always makes me smile.

Wine, chocolate and reading—there are far worse vices in life!

Diana Holquist said...

I admire your addiction to M&M's. For me, it could be the six-month old Hershey's kiss left over from Christmas that fell out of its bag in the back of the cabinet and got lost behind the ramen noodles. If it's chocolate, I'm on it.

My problem is not so much what I'm addicted to, as what I'm not addicted to.

Not addicted to cleaning.

Or exercise.

Or health food.



Annie said...

I'm with you on the M&Ms. Best candy out there. As to the rest, my addiction is Farscape, and what could be more pathetic than to be addicted to a canceled TV show? And, okay, I confess to endless games of minesweep, freecell and solitaire. Oh, and General Hospital. Yikes. I could go on forever. I must have a very addictive personality...

danetteb said...

Milk chocolate, paranormal romances,and late night comedy.

I agree with Diana, I need to get addicted to eating healthier, but at least I'm happy.:D

Minna said...

peanut butter m&ms and other peanut butter sweets -there's just one problem with this addiction: I can't get's these sweets here in Finland!
romantic books
Numb3rs and Bones

Barbara Vey said...

I love the double dipped chocolate covered malted milk balls from Quality candy and Cheetos. They go great with a really good book.

And I also agree with Diana.

Georgie Lee said...

My addictions -
Period movies
French fries
Diet 7Up

If veggies tasted like chocolate, I'd be addicted :-)