Friday, February 01, 2008

Elizabeth Talks Book Covers

Oh, my God! Is it February already? Man, I feel behind...

So, let's talk about book covers, shall we? As we all know the cover of the book is terribly, terribly important. This is because when readers go into bookstores they wander around rather absentmindedly until an interesting book cover catches their eye and they pick it up and perhaps buy it. Or perhaps they go and buy a carmello-raspberry coffee thingy with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles instead.

This is how I behave in bookstores at any rate.

Because book covers are so terribly, terribly important authors become very anxious about their covers and sometimes quite neurotic (more so than usual, I mean.) So, when I got my book cover for my next book, To Taste Temptation (May, '08) I was quite delighted. It looked like this:

But then I got a new and fabulous editor and she said my book cover was not good enough. Huh, I thought to myself, how is the art department going to improve on the above?

Well, as it turned out, this is how:

That's right! They made my name gigantic and in passing also put a pretty lady's boobies on the cover. I think we can all agree that this is a very nice improvement indeed, especially since my more near-sighted readers can now see my name from halfway across the bookstore.

Discussion topics: What do you do in bookstores? Favorite coffee drink? Which cover do you like? Which do you prefer: a pretty lady on the cover or a hard, manly body?

Elizabeth Hoyt


Diana Holquist said...

Oh, now see, I thought that was YOU on the cover. It is...isn't it?

After Sexiest Man Alive came out with a man wearing only a towel on the cover, my kids told me that I needed a new job and not under any circumstances did they EVER want to see that cover ever again because it was GROSS!

Readers liked it, though.

P.S. -- LOVE the cover very, very much. I predict a rash of blue gowns/brown-haired women/blue backgrounds on many copy-cat covers to come...

Kelley St. John said...

Elizabeth! That cover screams "buy me," and everybody should! I know I'm chomping at the bit to read it :)



Susan, your sister said...

I know your name is big, but most people I showed it to saw the, ahem, bigger assets of the cover model first. They were mostly male, so maybe that had something to do with it...
It's purty, though!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Diana, I personally think when the kids say GROSS! that's the stamp of success. Also: there's a stepback to this book with a steamy clinch. My husband on seeing it told me I could not show the kids. The kids, naturally, laughed at him.

Thank you, Kelley! And how did you get your pic on the comments???

Susan, my sister: LA LA LA, I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!

Lori Wilde said...

Not only is your name HUGE but it'a above the title. That means you're coming up in the world, Huzzah! Wat to go.


Larissa Ione said...

Oh, I love that second cover! The way your name is huge is AWESOME, too! Congrats!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Thank you, Lori & Larissa!

Perrin said...

Congrats on the bigger name! I like the second cover better, its really pretty. The first one is nice too but I don't like the yellow background.

I'm usually too shy to buy book covers with half nakie men at the bookstore. The sales people always give me a funny look. I usually order those books online. As for coffee drinks I get a mocha frap with whip cream. Yum!

Pam P said...

Love the second cover, and don't you think she fits with the title, too?

I like covers with either a sexy gal or a hunky guy equally. Mostly I shop online, but when I do hit the local bookstore, I'll have a cappucino and treat myself to one of those sinful desserts.

Michelle Rowen said...

I'll take Nathan Kamp over boobs any day, but the cover is very eye-catching. And the big name is definitely a bonus. Can't wait to read it! :-)

And if you want a pic on your comments, you need to go to Blogger and add it to your profile. Then it'll show up here.

Isabel said...

Although the second cover is great and I know is wonderful for you to have the name in those big letters, I prefer the first better. As Michelle said, give me NK. To see a woman boobs I'd go to stand in front of a mirror.
In spanish forums we have discussed about covers several times and created polls and we decided that if the cover has to have someone semi-naked, better be a hunk than a lady although we like couples too.
ps. sorry, my english it's not good.

Shari Anton said...

Lovely cover, Elizabeth!! Very eye catching! (Give me a Mocha latte, please.) And I'm with Isabel, I'm afraid. I like the Guy covers best, followed by Couples. But just because that's my preference doesn't mean squat.

Megan Crane said...

I love the second cover, but to be honest, I would race out and buy an Elizabeth Hoyt novel if it was covered in a brown paper bag. I can't wait to read this!

Alyssa said...

Oh, that cover is eye-catching and gorgeous!

Georgie Lee said...

The new cover is excellent.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Ooo! Don't you hate funny look bookstore clerks, Perrin? V. rude!

I am sad to have lost Nathan, Michelle. His profile was so yearning.

Your English is lovely, Isabel, and I'm glad that readers think as deeply about covers as authors do!

And obviously Megan has the best plan for a cover--a plain brown wrapper. Why didn't the art dept think of that?

Anonymous said...

I might be in the minority but I. Just. Do. Not. GET this kind of cover. Because who do they think your target audience is; Maxim subscribers? I just don't grasp the logic by which they think this will appeal to the female reader. It's a shame, because I thought the covers for your "Prince" series were lovely: steamy without being the stereotypical clinch. This is just... gratuitous, by comparison.

Honestly, I think your writing deserves better. That's my two cents!

Isabel said...

I'm with you, romance readers are mostly women so why do they think that kind of cover attracts us? As I said before, if I'd want to see a woman boobs I've mirrors.
Give me a man, a couple like in her previous books or depending the kind of book, a beautiful landscape, or in historicals a ballroom or that style of scene.
I know that you like your cover, Elizabeth and I'm glad for you because I also know that authors normally has little or nothing to say about that kind of decision but if any of you would do a poll on your sites, what kind of cover do you think your readers would chose?