Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Baby in the House

Two weeks ago we lost our beloved Texas heeler, Cinnamon. We'd had her for seven years. She was an awesome dog. She could sit, roll over, play dead, jump through a hoop, jump up and spin, flip a pretzel on her nose and catch it, ring a bell, give high-five, shake hands, crawl and open the back door. She'll be sorely missed. I didn't really want a new baby yet, but my husband talked me into going to look at a new litter of puppies and well, you guessed it, we have a new baby.

Meet Shiloh.
Vital Stats:
Miniature Aussie Shepherd
8 lbs
Red merle (but he's brown, they just call them red merles)
12 weeks old.

He's a shy little guy and just getting used to us. He's gonna have some big shoes to fill but I'm betting he'll be up to the challenge.

So tell me about your pets. Both current and past.


Lori Wilde said...

Why Lori, your pup is darn cute. Sorry you lost your other dog. That must have been hard for you.

Lori Wilde said...

Why thank you for your comments, Lori. I appreciate your participation.

Lori Wilde said...

You're most welcome.

mec said...

Shiloh is adorable. Sorry to hear about the passing of Cinnamon.

We had a Siberian Husky Spike who passed away at the age of two(hit by a car). Our red Siberian Husky Rusty came into our family six months after Spike's passng. Those six months were painful,but Rusty, who's personality was the polar opposite of Spike's, helped us through the grieving.
Although Rusty passed away in 1998, I remember how he kept my mother company through her illness and how great he was as we went through the grieving process when she passed away in 1994. He provided a lot of comfort to our Dad in the years that followed.
While circumstsnces prevented us from getting another dog, the memories and picture help.

We have a great picture of Rusty sitting between our two nieces with party hats on all three - it always brings a smile to my face.

Susan Crandall said...

Oh, Lori, condolences on your loss. It's really hard, I know. We lost our lab-husky mix after 14 years. I made it a week without a dog in the house. At least your hubby took you to look at puppies, I just went to the Humane Society one afternoon and brought one home. Bill came home to a big surprise -- it was touch and go there for an hour or so. Now Bill and Bear are best buddeis.

Shiloh is adorable (how did you get him to pose for that photo?). Enjoy!

Shari Anton said...

Oh, how cute!! We've been without a dog for about three years now. Our Golden Retriever was 14 when we lost her. Every once in a while I get the itch to get another one, but haven't given in -- so far.

julia said...

Very sorry to hear about Cinnamon.

I'm glad that Shiloh has found a home with you, though. He's absolutely adorable.