Sunday, March 02, 2008

Better late than never except when it comes to smoke detectors

Hi all!

I'm supposed to post on the 27th of the month, but it just got away from me. Besides, I really didn't anything interesting to talk about. What a difference a few days make.

In the past 12 hours, I have:

1) Been awakened at 5AM by my daughter freaking out because her smoke detector is going off in her room.
2) Finally finished the website-from-h*ll after a month of battling templates and Frontpage and Flash and Photoshop.

So, first the alarm. We all flew out of bed this morning and the house was full of smoke. One out of the five smoke detectors is screaming. The carbon monoxide detector is just sitting there doing nothing. So everyone ran downstairs, put on coats and boots (it was 15 degrees outside) and went outside while my husband tried to figure out what was wrong.

Turned out our furnace was belching black smoke. Everywhere. So we managed to shut it down, opened all the windows in the house (did I mention it was 15 degrees?) and no one passed out.

After the furnace guy came (and no, we will not have heat until tomorrow), I checked the safety devices in my house.

Now I'm a little fanatical about smoke alarms. I change the batteries faithfully every six months. I test them. I trust them.

The one in my son's room malfunctioned and the battery was dead but it never gave the low battery signal, the one at the top of the stairs never went off, the one near the kitchen never went off, and the one in the basement has mysteriously disappeared. We were saved by the one in my daughter's room. We were very, very lucky.

So my safety tip of the week is this: Check your smoke detectors monthly. Buy a new carbon monoxide detector every five years. And practice exiting your house in case of a fire, because we have and we were out the door in under a minute.

Onto more fun stuff! I have a new website at! I just (like 15 minutes ago) posted it. I'm playing with Flash on the main page so if anyone visits and has a problem, please let me know at

Until next time,
Samantha Graves


Sonja Foust said...

Sam, you are hereby forbidden to talk about fire pajamas on WWFW ever again. Glad you and your family are safe!

Samantha Graves said...

LOL Thanks, Sonja! How weird is that?????


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Nice new website, Sam!

Shari Anton said...

OMG!! Glad everything is ok, Sam! Oh, and you're new website is pretty cool, too!