Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Elizabeth & Jade Roadshow or Will Sign Books for Lattes

Okay, I admit it, I forgot to blog yesterday. So shoot me. But see, I had a good excuse. Really! I'm at the Celebrate Romance conference in Columbia, SC this weekend and in a fit of insanity my critique partner, Jade Lee, and I decided to stop and sign our books in stock at twenty-five bookstores.

Twenty-five bookstores.

I look at that number and the fact that alcohol was not involved in the decision making boggles my mind. So here are some odd and random observations about drive-by signings, mostly because at the moment my mind is very odd and random (har!)

* To date 15 out of 15 bookstores had no clue--no clue at all!--that two incredibly famous and talented authors were coming to sign stock. Despite the fact that all the stores had been called in advance.

* BUT bookstore employees are very nice to authors they have no clue are coming.

* It is more fun to sign at stores that actually have my books in stock.

* We love managers who offer us free lattes. This fact cannot be emphasized enough. Apparently, Jade and I can be bought for the price of a venti latte. Sad, but true.

* Nearly all the bookstores we have seen to date have been across the street or next to a) Target b) Panera Bread or c) Red Lobster. Sighting one of these stores is more reliable in finding the bookstores than the GPS system Jade has in her cute Prius.

* And speaking of the GPS, apparently Jade and I can zoom by an exit and immediately get lost even with an artifical voice telling us to exit in one half mile . . . one hundred feet . . . fifty feet . . . turn here, you dummies!

I hope that the nice lady that lives in Jade's GPS system doesn't give up on us for the trip home. And if you live in or nearby Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Lexington, Columbia, Spartanburg, Waynesville, Knoxville, Nashville, or Clarksville, for goodness sakes go out and buy a signed book!

Elizabeth Hoyt


Jade Lee said...

Um...yeah, well I was going to comment about how untrue it all is. I cannot be bought by the price of a latte...but I can. I do not get lost with a GPS, but...we did. Twice. And yes, having books in the store was AWESOME! Fortunately, the trip was scheduled to coincide with the release of DRAGONBORN so I was better situated than Elizabeth. Ah, the devious planning! But still, it can be excruciating to stand around listening to a book store manager say, oh yeah, I know we bought a ton of DRAGONBORN. Now where would that display be? We can't we find it?

Jade Lee said...

Er...that was supposed to be... WHY can't we find it?

danetteb said...

Lol..It's sounds like you two had a fun excursion. Hawaii needs more resident authors, book signings are rare here in the romance section.

Hugs, Danette

Barbara Vey said...

When you two make it to Milwaukee, I'll buy the lattes.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, Danette, I'll volunteer to be the resident Hawaiian romance writer!

And we may take you up on the lattes, Barbara!

danetteb said...

Thanks Elizabeth *g*

Hugs, Danette

Shari Anton said...

Oh, what fun! A road trip! How about we all go visit Danette in Hawaii :). Um, you aren't the only ones who can get lost with a GPS, if that makes you feel any better.

Sara Reyes said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely. I always figured you guys were, uh, cheap? Now I know! And I thought it took fancy desserts and a little libation. Sheesh!