Saturday, March 15, 2008


A few months ago Diana introduced us to the Sexiest Man Alive contest. I have a new one for you. Redbook is having a Hot Husbands contest. You can go to their Gallery to see the entire list of nominees, and then vote for your favorite. Below is a sampling.

Meet Tim. His wife says, "He truly works to make a difference in the world with his businesses, and that spoke to me about what a good guy he was."

This is Patrick. Part of his bio says, "Although Marcella loves Patrick's chiseled body, she thinks what's hottest about him is the fact that he gave up a successful IT career to raise their children."

This is Anthony. His wife has been promoting him on MySpace, making friends and asking them to go vote for her husband. Since the man has appeared on several romance covers, I suppose it's only reasonable that she'd let us romance writers know about him.

Now, I can't find fault with any of these guys, or the other contestant's either. Redbook received thousands of entries and narrowed the number down to 24. Not all of the finalists are body builders or have chiseled bodies (though several are/do :)). Every one of them is praised as a great husband (naturally), and many of them are great dads.

What I want to know is: what criteria did Redbook use in their selection of the finalists? Was there a list of attributes/qualities a man must possess to make the final cut?

For instance:
Does he take out the garbage without being asked?
Does he know how to use the washer and dryer? And can he fix them when they break down?
Does he have more than a passing acquantaince with a dishwasher? (See that fix it thing above.)
Can he cook? (Grills don't qualify. Every man thinks he can use a grill. This is so Not True.)
Does he bathe/shave/change underwear often enough that you can take him out in public without being embarassed?
Does he expect you to be able to change a car tire? Really? Yuck.

Extra credit question: After over 37 years of marriage, does the man still think his wife is the hottest chick around? :)

Okay, so what do you think, ladies? What makes a husband really hot? What's the one thing you'd advise Redbook to look for in the next go around? On Monday evening, I'll choose two lucky commenters to receive an Advance Reading Copy of MAGIC IN HIS KISS.

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Meljprincess said...

Hi Shari,
I'm so glad you brought this up! I didn't vote, I don't plan to, and I denied the request I got in MySpace. Man, that made me mad.
I think what makes a husband hot is that he loves you for who you are and doesn't try to change you. Plus he'll do anything for you...anything! My advice to Redbook? Not to even consider a next go around!

Melissa K.

Debby said...

Well now, that depends. If it is someone else's hubby , then it appearances only. But for my own, he is great because he loves nad accpets me. I am not going to vote.

Carol said...

I'm not voting either. I agree that a good husband loves you unconditionally and accepts you for who you are. He is also a thoughtful, considerate and giving person and last, but not least, he is a wonderful dad.

Crystal Adkins said...

HI Shari..I think it is the look he gives when his wife spends a little extra time on herself. Or the way he kisses his children goodnight on the forehead as they sleep. I guess is he compassionate would be my question.
Hugs, Crystal

catslady said...

Being considerate, having compassion, doing things because he wants to and not because he thinks he has to, honesty, open-mindedness and above all - a sense of humor :)

AndreaW said...

What makes a husband hot? When he fixes things without having to be reminded ten times...cooks dinner, just a hard, so that his wife can stay home to raise their children...makes time for his children every day...still loves his wife deeply after years and years of marriage...and doesn't care that his wife reads A LOT of (romance) books!! :)


Maureen said...

For me a great husband is a man who puts aside what he wants to do because his wife or children ask him to do something else. Or someone who goes to the car dealer and buys a nice shiny brand new car and then hands the keys over to his wife.

Barbara Elness said...

A great husband to me is someone who helps out around the house without being asked, and who shows how much he cares frequently, not just on birthdays and anniversaries.

hotcha1 said...

i have an awesome hubby who takes care of me as i am wheelchair bound, paralyzed, and he lets me spend all day playing on my computer! i love that man! lol

hope luck is on my side!


Edie said...

I'd vote for hotcha1's husband! Mine picked up dog poop in our back yard for me on Friday because I was busy (that's my chore -- and it was after the big snow meltdown, so there was a lot). Would that be a good question to ask?

A fun blog, Shari, :)

Joyce Ann said...

"Hot Husband" is an oxymoron, isn't it? For real life, though, a best friend... at least that's the most important attribute for my favorite husband. The fact that mine spoils me rotten and doesn't criticize what I do when I do it (within financial reason) doesn't hurt his appeal. For the most part though, I dislike contests of the best this or that, so unless it's an election day, my vote wouldn't happen.

tetewa said...

A Hot Husband would have to be able to still have that special surprising spark when it came to the romance department. He would have to be able to make you feel the same way you did from the beginning.

Barbara said...

What makes a hubby hot??? Hmm...well, I think it takes a whole lot more than just good looks. I personally voted for Anthony at Redbook, but if I'd have known about this contest earlier I would have surely entered my hubby.
Not only do I think he is handsome as all get out, but he works, cleans, cooks (not that great but he tries), takes care of the kids and supports just about any decision I have ever made. He is also my rock when I feel like life is just far to overwhelming.
To me, that is what makes a husband hot!!


clynsg said...

I notice from several of the comments that many things carry over from one idea of 'hot' to another, but since it is definitely an individual decision, I think it rather presumptuous of Redbook (or anyone else for that matter) to try to tell us who should be considered 'hot'.

Shari Anton said...

Wow! Some great answers, ladies! I have a feeling Sense of Humor might have been on Redbook's check list. I kind of doubt that picking up dog poop - LOL!! - made that list. Can't wait to see more!!

LighthouseSandy said...

I don't have a husband, but I've imagined one now and then. To me, a hot husband is one that just loves you. He does things for you just because. Mainly just because he loves you. Just because he wants to, just because it will make you happy. But he still knows his responsibitlies and takes them seriously because he loves you and his children.

Cherie J said...

For me, it is his sense of integrity as well as the fact that he tries to be there for the kids and me. A man who is willing to change his 17 month old daughter's stinky diaper is truly a treasure. He is romantic and brings me flowers on occasion just to express how much he loves me.

blessedheart said...

My husband John and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in June. I love him because he has stood by my side for all of these years, he gave me 2 beautiful daughters and helped to raise them, he loves me for who I am and ALWAYS PUTS OUR FAMILY FIRST In HIS LIFE. What more could you ask for in a husband?

God Bless,
Rhonda :0)

lynne said...

Well, I've avoided having a husband, but if the ones described here really exist then maybe it's time for me to be open to the idea!

Tamara said...

I am so happy these women have found their true love and their husbands are too good looking to let out of the house :)

KimW said...

I'd say a husband who gives great foot massages is hot. Oh, and a husband who goes to the mall with you and even though he knows you have dozens of pairs of shoes at home, he says "get them if your really like them". LOL That's my kind of guy.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Well, these are all very important answers re: what makes a hubby hot, but in my own case, I think it's the ability to judge chocolate. It has taken me YEARS to train Mr. Hoyt that Godiva really is better than a discount chocolate bar. But now--after nearly 20 years of marriage--he has it down pat!

blackroze37 said...

i like , joe on the show medium, he's the type husband i want!

Pat Cochran said...

Honey and I will celebrate our 47th
anniversary in April. I couldn't
ask for a better spouse or best
friend than Honey. He has cared for me and our family beyond everything else in the world. We have always come first! He has supported us in all our interests over the years, even before his own. And yes, he does think that
I am still pretty nifty!!

Pat Cochran

Shari Anton said...

Yes, there is a training period, isn't there :). Luckily, some catch on quickly!! Glad you finally got the chocolate issue sorted out, Elizabeth!

Congrats on the 47 years, Pat! You and Honey have a few years on my Guy and me, but we're working on it. Isn't it nice they tend to be blind to age/wrinkles/physical changes?


CrystalGB said...

What I think makes a husband hot is loving his wife and showing her every day how much she means to him and being there for his family no matter what.

MisGif said...

I have two boys from a previous marriage. Their father wants nothing to do with parenting and it breaks my heart for them.

When I started dating it was with the philosphy of: I am a package deal, love me love my kidds. And they won't make it easy on you.

Wes was never daunted by the boys but the 'aha' moment was when I realized that while he and I were falling in love with each other, so were he and my boys.

No matter how I'm feeling, what's going on in life, just watching the three of them laugh, talk, toss the ball around, listening to him worry about who they are with and when they'll be home, I melt every time.

Sometimes water is definitely thicker than blood.

Diana Holquist said...

Great post, Shari!

I got a myspace solicitation, too, but didn't vote. In my book (sorry for the pun), the romance-cover-model-dude is so NOT the perfect husband. I can't stand a vain man. And in my very limited experience, anyone who looks like that man spends way too much time on himself and not enough on me/the kids/the dishes/the world.

Here's what I want to see: let us vote, then come back in ten years and let's see who's still married.

Gah--I need my coffee. That was a dark, evil comment, wasn't it? See, I'm a little down here on husbands because just last month, I might have voted for Elliot Spitzer as the perfect husband...


Jewells said...

I think a man who cares greatly for his family. To be there when you are sick or healthy. To help around the house when you just can't get to everything. To help you grocery shop and not complain when you pick up a few extra's(Books). To love you even when you are grouchy for the day. To hold you at night when you've finished making love. To call a repair man if he can't fix it. I have such a man. Thank you God very much.

Eva said...

Lots of laughter, a great sense of humor are a must, and if he can also cook that's another plus! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!