Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where in the World is Shari?

My suitcase is packed, and I'm ready to get on the plane headed for beautiful, exciting ... Pittsburg. Okay, maybe Pittsburg isn't one of the premier destinations (with apologies to anyone who lives there, but heck, neither is Milwaukee, so we're in good company). But it is the host to the 2008 Romantic Times BOOKReviews Convention.

Why does an author go to conventions? And why Romantic Times?

For many of us, these are the only places where we can meet face to face with our agents and editors. Many times they treat us to lunch or dinner, and I consider it one of the perks of employment :).

We also get to mingle with our fellow authors. This year several of the Grand Central Publishing authors decided to get together for breakfast. If both my camera and wireless connection work properly, which doesn't always happen, I'll try to post a picture or two on this blog.

Meeting with booksellers is also wonderful. Many of them make a special point to let us know how our books do in their stores. And it's always special when a reader approaches you with a book she's hauled clear across country just to have you sign her copy. Love those readers!

Okay, confession time. This isn't all business. There are also the parties, and nobody does parties better than Romantic Times. And this year I'm on hunk watch. The utterly watchable Adrian Paul is attending. I loved, loved, loved Highlander.

So now you know my motive. Believe me, if I get close enough to get a picture I will assuredly post it here. That's if I don't faint and miss the picture altogether.

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AndreaW said...

Have fun! Thanks for the Adrian pic. ;)

Diana Holquist said...

So....how was it? We want gossip. We want stories. Did you get arrested? Did you get drunk? Did you dance? Did you get arrested for dancing drunk with the cover models?


Shari Anton said...

No, I didn't get drunk with the cover models. I'm really glad, too, because I got the chance to sit in the Lobby Bar with John DeSalvo (and no camera!! ARGH!!), and would have hated to either fall asleep or start drooling. I didn't realize just how Tall Fabio is until I saw him at a mixer. And I never did see Adrian Paul (sob), but several people showed me pictures so I knew he was there.

Gossip? Nope. What happens in Pittsburg stays in Pittsburg! :)

Diana Holquist said...

Ha! Oh well. I guess next year, I'll have to go and see it all for myself.


Anonymous said...

I am busy building a blooper colelction and have an Adrian Paul blooper video section.