Monday, May 12, 2008

Outwit the Wench!

It seems while I’ve been out promoting DANGER’S KISS, my latest historical romance, my heroine Desiree has been up to a bit of mischief.

You see, Desiree is a medieval scam artist, sort of like The Artful Dodger, and when she crosses paths with Nicholas Grimshaw, the fiercest lawman in the shire, she discovers that if you play a game of chance, there are dangerous consequences. Is it sleight of hand or sleight of heart? It’s all revealed in DANGER’S KISS!

Think you can outwit the clever wench? Try Desiree’s amazing trick below (keep clicking on the arrow). You won’t believe your eyes! If you’re impressed, invite your friends to take the challenge. (I’m not responsible, however, for any money that might happen to change hands {wink}.)

Sarah McKerrigan...
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Shari Anton said...

Yikes! Sarah, that's spooky!!