Friday, May 16, 2008

Shari is packing!

I'm not going far this time, and I'm taking the car so packing should be easier.

Early this afternoon, a friend and I are headed north to Green Bay, WI, for the annual WisRWA conference. It's being held in a Raddison Hotel that's adjacent to Onieda Bingo and Casino, so if I'm not where someone thinks I'm supposed to be (naturally, I'll go to several sessions), all they need do is find a certain Hot Penny machine :). Truly, this conference is always wonderful and fun so I'll be hanging out with my chapter members more than with my favorite slots.

Barbara Vey will be there so I'm sure she'll be doing drive-by videos to post all weekend at Beyond Her Blog for you to check out. She also did a lovely blurb on MAGIC IN HIS KISS today. Thank you, Barbara!

Back to packing.

I remembered to put together a basket full of goodies that will be raffled off for charity. It's already in the trunk of the car along with a bag full of stuff I need to take along for the booksigning (books, bookmarks, two pens, Autographed Copy labels). I'm taking along my laptop so I can check email and maybe venture onto several web sites. Into the trunk it goes.

Okay, I had to move the basket (why did I make such a big basket? oh, for charity, right) toward the back of the trunk and tuck the laptop in between the basket and the booksigning bag so I can get the suitcase in there.

The above was the easy part. I'm only going for a weekend, two nights, so I want to take the small suitcase. Except I need to fit in four changes of clothes, two pairs of shoes, plus a bag with all the hair necessities, not to mention a well-equipped toiletries case. Hmmm - sure it'll all fit if I arrange it just right. No problem. And I'll even get it into the trunk and have room to put my friend's stuff in, too.

Sounds organized, doesn't it? Hear me laughing hysterically.

I will forget something. I don't know what yet, won't know until I need "it" that I'll realize I left "it" on the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room counter. Happens to me every time. Over the years I've forgotten makeup, or a curling iron, or deodorant. One year I had to call my husband to find out the details on my flight home because I forgot to take the itinerary with me. The worst, I think, was the trip I forgot to take underwear -- all of it.

In July, we're going on a two week trip to Alaska. The first week is on land at wilderness resorts, and the second is on a cruise ship. Should be interesting because there won't be a handy drug or department store. And don't tell me to make a list. Been there, done that, lost it.

Be honest, now. I know I'm not the only one who does this. Am I? Say it isn't so!!

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Emily said...

Hey Shari,

I'm so excited for the conference. And I get to be the first to comment on the blog! YAY! I thought it was hilarious. I have packed a giant suitcase for this weekend, and I'll probably only wear a 1/3 of it. And I know that I'll forget something. I look forward to meeting you this weekend. I'll probably be tagging along with Barbara.

Beth Watson said...

Oh my gosh Shari, I am so glad I am not the only one to forget to pack my undies. And I have done that on way more than one occassion. And trying to replace those once I get to my destination is so not fun.

I travel extensively for my job and should be a seasoned packer but I forget something almost everytime. I think it's because I travel so much I am sooooo sick of packing that I pack either the night before or the morning of my flight. At least I like to blame it on being rushed and not being totally scatter brained.

I'm all about remembering my work uniform so I guess the items I generally forget or non-work ones. The item I forget the most are pjs. So I improvise and use a T-shirt. No biggie.

I forget toothpaste all the time. Was just at a boutique hotel in San Antonio that didn't have a gift shop or toothpaste. They had these toothbrushes with a one time shot of toothpaste on them and you add water. I was like give me 10 of them because I'm here for 5 days (rarely getting out of the hotel) and don't see having the time to get to a drugstore. I also pointed out that really those are quite wasteful to use a toothbrush one time and toss it away. However, I put 3 of them in my toiletry bag so I hopefully will never be without a toothbrush now. :-)

I forget my contact case alot. This usually isn't an issue to find one, however, when I was in Paris one time I couldn't find one for the life of me. I went to several drugstores and finally a clerk told me that they only sell them at eye doctors. I'm like you're freakin' kidding me? I can find those for like a buck anywhere here at home. Not wanting to spend my time tracking down an eye doctor in the the middle of Paris I used the tops of my pill bottles.

Another time in Paris when I spent a summer there I forgot my hair care products by Redken. This was like 15 years ago. Redken products are marketed in French and English, but do you think I could find a salon in Paris that carried them. Of course not a one. Guess it's merely a marketing gimmic to make us Americans think it's tres chic to use Redken.

I seem to have a difficult time in Paris. Another time I got to a boutique (er cheap) hotel and realized they didn't carry towels or washclothes or toilet paper. (This was also the same hotel who told me I couldn't use my blow dryer because of poor electrical wiring. I had no choice because I was there for work and ended up causing a blackout on my entire floor.) My guidebook never mentioned this--so technically not my fault I didn't pack them--so I had to go buy those items. Luckily I'd just spent the summer there the year before because those are not items you find on every street corner in the middle of Paris.

One time I was going to Vail in the dead of winter with my brand new "snow bunny" winter jacket. Forgot it in the overhead in Denver and got to Vail and thought "man it's cold here" and realized I had no jacket. Hel-lo. Of course the airline couldn't find it when I called them 2 hours after landing so some flight attendent was walking around in my new coat. My hubby had to Fed Ex me another one from home. So that time I didn't actually forget to pack it just forgot it en route.

Okay, could obviously go on for hours so I'll stop here. Sorry for the long post.

I'm not gonna make it to the conference this weekend but I hope you all have a great time. And don't forget your undies or pjs!!!!


Shari Anton said...

Hi Emily! Overpacking is usually not my problem. I hate dragging along stuff I don't need. But now I have the suitcase, laptop, basket, bookbag and purse. I'm still going to need the bellhop!

LOL, Beth!!! Okay, now I don't feel so bad. I just double checked the suitcase and made sure the undies and pjs are in there :). What a bummer on the coat! And I'm not going to feel sorry for you about the Paris stuff. Heck, if I got to go to Paris I probably wouldn't mind :). Come back and post anytime, you made us all smile.

Barbara said...

I'm pretty obsessive about my packing, and usually pack several days ahead except the last minute stuff. I really can't recall ever forgetting anything necessary. I don't travel a whole lot, but give me time, I'm sure I'll forget something eventually.
Hope you have a wonderful trip, enjoy the conference.

Barbara Vey said...

We got here to Green Bay and my sister forgot her toothbrush (easily fixed). Nothing else so far except for my mom saying she "forgot" to bring enough money for the casino.

joysannoh said...

Hi Shari. I know all about packing too. I tend to pack more stuff than I'll use, and overlooking things that might have been more appropriate or welcome. As for where you'll put it in the car, doesn't matter. No matter what logic you used to put it furthest back in the bottom of the trunk, that's the thing you're going to need first. Always.
I'm trying to remember what I missed most on my Alaska trip some years ago, but all I'm coming up with is something I didn't so much forget as not know to have...BUG SPRAY. On land, the biting flies were awful. And happy packing for that! It is a wonderful trip.

Shari Anton said...

Well. I'm home. Were you wondering what I forgot?

A map. Honest. I printed one out and left it on my desk. Luckily, I've been to the casino often enough that I knew if I followed the signs to Green Bay's airport I would find it. And I did :)

An ethernet cable. This shouldn't have been a problem because there's wi fi thoughout the hotel. But the power was so low I could get onto some sites but not others. I could load about half of this blog but couldn't comment. Next time I pack the cable, wi fi or not!!

Shari Anton said...

joysannoh, thanks so much for the tip! I wouldn't have thought to take bug spray in Alaska! It makes sense when you stop to think about it, but I probably wouldn't have thought of it either. I'll put it on my list ;).

mammakim said...

When I was a kid my parents forgot the luggage. We were halfway to Disney from MA and they realized so we got all Disney clothes that year. LOL As for me, I am always a last minute packer so I always forget things. The last time we went to NH I ended up having to work late so hubby packed for me, I should have checked but I ended up with one pair of underwear, only short sleeve shirts and one pair of pants for four days. I had to buy some there. So I have learned my lesson. We also took the kids on a cruise and my youngest son was so excited he kept packing, unpacking and repacking his clothes, well when we left in the morning all his pants were left on my bed. I think he had two pairs of pants. So we learned with him too.

Jody said...

I've been pretty luck on trips not forgetting things but then I tend to over pack, not a good thing while traveling in the UK. But what I learned being a military wife I keep a set of hair and personal products that I need in my suitcase at all times. That way I don't forget things I need, helps as I had to do this for my husband who was gone a moments notice. Though my current fear is forgetting my meds, they hare the first in the suitcase then the clothes, and I do tend to over pack. Nothing like having to wear a pair of the honey's tiddy whities will cure the undies problem. Been there done that, can you imagine if I had an accident, at least they were clean.I didn't forget anything this conference but almost forgot my business cards when I had my appointments. Brain freeze.

Shari Anton said...

mammakim, too funny about the Disney trip, though your parents probably didn't think so at the time! I remember a trip where I had everything packed and ready to go. Dh put the suitcases in the car except the small bag that contained our tolietries kits and extra shoes. I got all new makeup on that one :). Thanks for sharing!

Shari Anton said...

Hi Jody! When we began doing trips on the motorcycle I started buying those travel sized bottles of shampoo, etc, that I could keep permanently packed and didn't take up space. Works well! An appointment with an agent or editor is cause to give anyone brain freeze :). Glad you got through it okay!

Edie said...

Funny reading what everyone forgets. I forgot my conference pants at a Madison WisRWA conference. I was considering calling my husband and asking him to drive to Madison. Instead I wore my jeans for 3 days.

Shari Anton said...

Edie, jeans are good. I bet nobody noticed, and if they did, they were jealous because you were comfortable and they weren't.