Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Billionaire Sheik COP ex-Navy Seal Chef. Or, What is the Sexiest Career? by Diana Holquist

"Cooking, like making love, is best done right or not at all."

This is the opening statement of James, the chef hero of my new book, Hungry for More.

I tried to use this line on my family last night, hoping to get out of making dinner, and all I got were blank stares and few, "oooh, yucks!" from my kids.

This is just one difference between the real world and romance novels.

But in the romance novel world, as in real life, there are definitely sexier job choices for men: ex-Navy SEAL, COP, sheik, billionaire. So what about a chef? Is it sexy enough for hero status?

When I think about all this, I think about the man I married, who is the love of my life. And yet, he cannot boil water. He also is not an ex-Navy SEAL sheik billionaire. And yet, at this stage in my life, I'd give up that for a man who could cook.

Oh, and fix the car.

Nah, I guess I'll just stick with my professor. We can always walk to the pizza joint.

What's your idea of the sexiest career?

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Shari Anton said...

Remember the commercial with the sexy construction worker drinking a can of hmmm -- Pepsi? I remember the guy and not the product :). I guess I wouldn't mind the construction zones on the highways so much if all the good looking guys would take off their shirts. Shallow, shallow, shallow. LOL!!!

Diana Holquist said...

Has anyone ever read a construction worker hero? I don't think I ever have.

Okay, Shari, we've got your next book for you!

Talking about taking off shirts, what about a farmer hero? I can't remember reading that--unless wealthy landowner Duke counts as a farmer...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that CHEF is definitely a sexy career...this might have something to do with the main character of my last book being a...chef.

Maybe I'm a tad biased.

(and Aaron Eckhart in No Reservations will sway those who doubt, to be sure)