Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Crushes

Who was your first crush?

I vividly remember, as a Kindergartner, sitting in front of our black-and-white TV, watching with bated breath as Timmy wrapped his loving arms around Lassie one more time on Sunday night.

I’d sigh and go to bed, wishing Timmy was MY friend.

It wasn’t that he had dimples to die for and a smile a mile wide. It wasn’t that you could lose yourself in his sparkling eyes and sigh when they welled with tears. It wasn’t even the dog--I was a cat person then.

What I adored about him was that after a day of dealing with little five-year-old brats who shoved and yelled and ran around me like rabid monkeys, Timmy was a breath of fresh air--a boy who was calm and nice, smart and expressive, noble and honest, a boy I could relate to, a boy who wouldn’t dream of pulling my pigtails. (Okay, he was also awfully cute.)

I had a major crush on Timmy.

Of course, he was one of many childhood crushes to come: the son of “The Rifleman”... Will from “Lost in Space”... Prince Philip from “Sleeping Beauty”... Michelangelo’s David. (Only a budding writer with a vivid imagination could fall in love with a cartoon and a statue!)

Well, in my wacky world of “there are no coincidences,” I found out not long ago that my neighbor’s sister, Laurie Jacobson, stole Timmy from me. It turns out she married him! Of course, his name isn’t Timmy. It’s Jon Provost. And together they’ve written and just published his biography.

I recently got the opportunity to go to one of their booksignings. Here’s a photo of Jon and me with his book, “Timmy’s in the Well”:"It’s a very revealing and well-written expose of Hollywood in the sixties and what it’s like to grow up a child star. And you know what? “Timmy” is just as engaging in person as he was on the small screen. (It’s just a matter of getting used to the mustache!)

How about you? Who was your first crush? David Cassidy? Michael J. Fox? Justin Timberlake? John Stamos? Confession time!

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Buffie said...

Hey Sarah! Loved your post about Timmy. I have to say that the first crush I really remember is Davy Jones from The Monkees. I can remember coming home from 1st or 2nd grade and watching the reruns on tv. WOW, he was just too darn cute. And the singing!!! I still have two of the LPs from back then.

Shari Anton said...


Shari, older than dirt :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!

Carolyn said...

Rudolph Nureyev. I didn't know until much much later how hopeless it was. ::Sigh:: I was a ballet-taking fiend.

Isabel said...

My first crush wasn't even a real person but an animated character. It was Seiya from the anime Saint Seiya or Knights of the Zodiac.

Caffey said...

Happy belated birthday Sarah! I just found the blog and just reading back and saw your name and so excited! Didn't know DANGER'S KISS is out! YES. Congrats, your books are just so much a joy to read!
tbranxiety @ yahoo . com