Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Great Canadian Book Search

Just got back from a trip to Canada. Went to Alberta, which, for those in the states, is north of Montana, and for those in Canada…well, you know where Alberta is. Anyway, beautiful place. My brother-in-law has a quarter section (about 160 acres) in Blackfalds, near Red Deer. They have horses and hay fields, a garden and a barn—pretty much everything a city girl fantasizes about when she thinks of the country. The sky there is so low and blue, it seems like you could reach up, grab a cloud, and stuff it in your pocket. You look toward the horizon and way over at the edge of the world you can see the dark mist of rain miles away, while the sun is shining happily overhead.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip—well, there were a lot of highlights, but I’m only telling this one—was a visit to the public library in Red Deer to check my email. Alberta is booming with oil money and Red Deer is busy being prosperous. The library looked well used and maintained. And, get this—it had a café inside. Big digression here—we went to the grocery store and discovered they charge for plastic bags—4 cents a pop. To save the charge you just bring your own bags. Great way to “persuade” folks to conserve on plastic. I have cloth bags but I’m always forgetting to bring them. I’m sure if I had to pay for my plastic, I’d remember to tote my own… Good on ya, Alberta.

Anyway back to my highlight at the library. After I checked my mail, I had some time to wait around for the rest of my group. What else to do but check the romance section, right? Do they even have one? Is it prominent? And most important…do they have my books. Okay, the last is what I really cared about. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to know if their books are available? I can’t pass a bookstore without going in to see. In fact, I got pulled away from numerous bookstores all during the trip (and that means the airport, the mall, as well as the library). Largely because if my books aren’t there, my happy face disappears.

So, dear reader, I’ll bet you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what happened at the library. They were there!

I know it’s kind of corny, but I was thrilled. Happy face intact. I wanted to take a photo but, typically, I left my camera home. So you’ll just have to picture it. Blue sky, fluffy clouds close enough to touch, and me holding my books at the Red Deer Library. Oh, Canada.


Carolyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Annie! You should post a picture or two. That would be awesome.

And what a thrill to find your books in the library!

Shari Anton said...

It's still a thrill to see your books on a shelf, whether it's in a bookstore or the library. Enjoy, Annie!!

Annie Solomon said...

Wish I'd brought a camera, Carolyn. Well, okay, I DID bring a camera. But it never left my suitcase. I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to pictures. And also...I have no idea how to get the pictures on the blog!

But yes, it was great. And, as Shari says, a thrill, too.

Shelley Adina said...

Isn't it lovely in the summer? I used to live in Calgary, about 1.5 hours south of Red Deer. The last winter I spent there, it went down to forty below (F and Celsius) and my car tires froze square.

I moved to California after that.