Sunday, July 20, 2008

Release week

There are few times during the journey of a writer when everything is wonderful. The sun shines just a little brighter. The wine tastes just a little sweeter. And all is well with the world. That, my friend, is release week.

Imagine this: You've been home all summer with the kids. You've cleaned up after them, tried to keep them entertained, paid them to be good, and done your very best to make them right. And then school starts. You know that first blissful day after you wave them off to school? That, is what release week is like.

Some writers write fast, and they get to enjoy this more often than I do. But I'm not a speedy writer so about once a year, I get to wave my baby off to big world.

So…introducing OUT OF TIME by Samantha Graves available August 1st. If you read Sight Unseen (April 2007), you'll be happy to see Paulie is back and Raven's sister, Jillian, gets her story told.

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Museum curator Jillian Talbot has the gift of psychic “Sight”, but she never expects it to land her in the middle of a battle for money and power between murderous underground elements. The object of their greed: an ancient crystal lens that can unlock mysteries from the past…but only for someone with the Sight. To stay alive, Jillian must seek the help of a cynical tomb raider, but is he worthy of her trust?


Tombraider Simon Bonner wants out of the looting game…until the crystal lens lands on his doorstep. The crystal’s secret is locked inside the eyes of straight-laced Jillian who still believes in doing the right thing. As she and Simon track the mystery deep into Mexico, their desire to stay alive and growing passion for each other makes every move a dance with danger.


Tomorrow could be history.

Romantic Times magazine: 4 1/2 stars!

Graves is back and hotter than ever in a thrilling new novel that combines romance, adventure, and prophecy. Intriguing characters with dubious motives keep the plot lively as a treacherous treasure hunt unfolds. Sexy, dangerous, and compelling pretty much sum up this thriller!

Romance Reviews

Think Romancing the Stone. Think Indiana Jones. Think of heavy passion and dangerous adventure and many characters who all have their own special agenda. This is terrific!
"A clever twist to the paranormal and suspense...Definitely my kind of novel ! ~Heather Graham

Attention book clubs!

You can find discussion questions in the back of the book!

CONTEST! Enter to win a $300 white gold and diamond necklace!

Thanks for helping me get my book off the ground. I wish you a safe and happy summer.

Samantha Graves


Cynthia said...

I'm already on the look out for it. Yes, my local bookstore is notorious for putting books out pre-release date.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cynthia! I can't wait to see it on the shelves. That is such a cool feeling. I'm excited, can you tell? LOL!


mec said...

Eagerly waiting for the book to appear! Although my bookstore does put out books pre-release date, I've read on other blogs that if I pre-order or purchase the book before it's official release date, the sale isn't included in the important first week sale count that is used to determine where it falls on the list of books sold. So, even though I want to read it ASAP, I will wait until the official release date!

Carolyn said...

Oh, awesome! Sounds wonderful, Samantha!