Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing at the finish line

I love writing. But more than that, I love having written.

Case in point: On Saturday I finished Tidings of Great Boys, book five in my six-book "All About Us" YA series. I typed THE END, had a little cry from sheer relief, and then leaped to my feet and did a Snoopy dance all around the living room. Because for writers, there's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a book. That end-of-the-road, boy-I'm-glad-to-be-here feeling that makes you want to get up and shake it with more abandon than you ever would on a dance floor, LOL!

How do we celebrate the big accomplishments? Back in caveman days, they'd bag that mastodon and come back to camp and barbecue it, then have a celebration dance, right? A person gets married, they dance. A company has a good year, they throw a Christmas party and dance. Ya gotta love the human impulse to lift those knees and wave those arms in a way that says, "Woohoo! We did it!"

So I figure I'm not just being a loon and embarrassing the neighbors because I forgot to close the drapes. I'm carrying on a human impulse that has been part of our DNA for millennia.

That's my novel, and I'm sticking to it.

Shelley Adina

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Shari Anton said...

I hear you, Shelley. Add dinner at a great restaurant to the happy dance and you have my idea of a proper celebration! Congrats on finishing!